Top 10 wedding trends of 2017!

 A year with refashions and borrowings from the classic and vintage trends has made weddings chic and colourful. Contemporary decorations, daring themes and ravishing fashions trends are an easy formula to be in vogue!


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Ever wondered how most of the mobile phones have replaced black and white with gold, rose gold, silver and other metallic colours? It is the year of metallic colours! From clothes to shoes, from flowers to cakes, it is metallic all over. Either go for a metallic wedding, or add metallic décor to your wedding for a lustrous wedding.

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This vintage trend is back in vogue and can turn your wedding into the most memorable with its fragrance. Floral décor is vast and the most customizable with the amount of varieties available today. With technology’s favour, you can bring in any flower of your desire from any part of the world and adorn your wedding that you had always dreamt of.

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Ruffles are in rage in the fashion world. Adding them to décor can be a creative use of the trend and it will work wonders that you never thought it would. You enter any store and you can find ruffles in top, bottom, footwear, outerwear, swimwear, lingerie, bags, accessories, anything and everything. For a flamboyant wedding, ruffles will be the best formula to go by!

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This is an internet version wedding trend that’s in full swing. Personal wedding hashtags have made it easier for friends to see the collection of images from a couple’s wedding. #cherylwedandrew or #tanuwedsmanu can help their friends see images with these hashtags.

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Bohemian fashion has taken its part since last year but is in full swing this year with wide variety of collections available everywhere. Yet, going for a Bohemian wedding is not an easy job as you have to order for customized décor as the trend is just in. Dreamcatchers and tassels and lacy stuff can get your mood dreamy and romantic.

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The fuming environmental changes has brought in eco-friendly goods in all forms and you can go eco-friendly with your wedding décor too. This is not just a trend but a socially responsible means to contribute to the environment from your part. Go-Green is not about cutting trees and plants to use them for your décor. But to make trees and plants a part of your décor. Use of dried twigs, broken branches, decorating trees and adorning gardens will be the right way of going green. To add a flavour of adventure, go for a forest wedding which might sound impractical but is quite an exciting idea to execute itself. Again, don’t forget that ruining nature is not a ‘Go-Green’ wedding.

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Pastels – Sums it up! There is nothing that can go unromantic with pastels. Pastels are vintage and the flavour of pastels is one of the most romantic. Pastels are reigning the design world and if you are an art enthusiast you will get what it means. Pastels are a no doubt theme to go for. From cakes to flowers, there’s a lot of romantic essence that you can add with pastels. Make sure you explore this trend with a person who has good art sense as pastels are all about right combination.

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Poolside doesn’t literally mean having your wedding near a pool. Poolside weddings in today’s context are weddings that happen in the pools. Hotels and wedding planners offer pool weddings that exclusively takes place in the pool. It is a daring choice to go for as there are ample possibilities for malfunctions to take place. For a flawless pool wedding, the mantra is ‘Plan the work, work the plan’. Planning and rehearsal eliminates the chances of malfunctions in the wedding.

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Red Carpet

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Photo-booths and props have become too mainstream. Go for a Red Carpet to save the best images of your guests. Add a flamboyant backdrop as per your wedding theme and gift your guests with their pictures printed as a return gift. It is not only an exciting return gift, but something that will not be thrown away after a couple of months.

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Fairy lights

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Fairly lights were only décor products in the girly girls’ rooms. But they are a brilliant piece of décor for a romantic ambience. Fairy lights also give a beautiful lighting set up for photographs Fairly lights can make you and your wedding glow, literally glow.

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