Things To Do After Your Wedding


While you may have had a dream wedding people forget what a long and tiring affair weddings can be. If planned out systematically, the whole elaborate function and its aftermath will be smooth sailing. Generally, weddings were entirely planned and carried out by the elders but as society is getting more progressive, the couple itself is taking a more active role in what the wedding should be like.

Here’s a checklist of things you ought to take care of after your wedding:

1. Sort out your gifts

People tend to bring gifts along even after the customary “No Gifts Please” clause in the invitation. It will be rude to refuse so just pile them up and carefully go through them after the wedding. There might be quite a few things you may actually need to start a new life, others you can donate.

Whatever the case, make sure you carefully go through the gifts pile and avoid hoarding. Some gifts even come with receipts, which allow you to exchange them for something you prefer.

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2. Send out thank you notes, return calls, and submit reviews

The more personalised the notes the better. Even if you don’t have the time for it, make sure you send one out to every family who has attended, addressing them correctly. Thank them for any gifts received. There may even be people who couldn’t make it to the wedding but have called you on the phone or sent you a warm email. Reciprocate their kind gesture, respond to them as soon as possible.

Some vendors or suppliers who contributed to the wedding may also request a review, thank them and give them an honest review of their service.

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3. Disposing of the Decorations and other Paraphernalia

While many of the suppliers/organisers themselves handle this, there may be times where you are responsible for some of these things. If anything is unused and still in its packaging, try returning it. If the item(s) are reusable, see if you could use it as a décor item yourself or sell it on some online platform.

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4. Donate

Some people like to preserve their wedding dress for its sentimental value, while others wouldn’t mind giving it away. Your old clothes and even artificial jewellery could make someone else’s day. The same goes out for many of the gifts and other articles and accessories for the wedding. The floral decorations and showpieces, while they may be perishable, you could plan out the events such that they could help someone else’s ceremony soon after.

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5. Wedding Album and Footage

The entire course of the ceremony would have been photographed and shot, down to the last detail. Make sure you’ve gotten most of it preserved and recorded safely, somewhere it can’t be deleted easily. Also, while you may be satisfied with just the digitised version but get a wedding album. It is generally an opulent bound book with all the classy and elegant shots, made by professionals. It functions as a tangible memorabilia from your wedding.

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6. Wedding Registry and Websites

Online portals and registries are all the rage these days and rightfully so, they allow for so much creativity and personalisation. It will be sensible to leave the registry and invitation on for a few days after the wedding as well, but make sure you take it down after a reasonable amount of time.

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7. Legal documents and Finances

If you are planning to change your name after getting hitched make sure all your personal documents and accounts reflect this change to avoid hassles at a later date. Also, make sure to safely guard the marriage certificate and any other legal documents that will be affected by your marriage.

The financial planning should have begun well prior to the wedding. Even if not sort out your and your spouse’s bank accounts, incomes, tax return and the like. A lot of these things are affected (even though only slightly) by one’s marital status.

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8. Living Together as a Couple

This is the real deal about marriage. You have to figure out a way to peacefully coexist as a couple. You have to figure out the arrangements in the new house or room you will be living in. Figure out your schedules and who is in charge of what. Each partner should try to make the other feel comfortable and communicate what they like in their new family and new life.

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