The Ultimate Wedding Guide: 14 things you need to get sorted for your special day (Part 2 of 2)

Weddings are messy, but only if you let them be. We started with our Ultimate Wedding Guide in the previous article where we spoke about 7 things you should take care of while preparing for your wedding. In the second part of that article, we will speak about 8 more things that are instrumental to the planning process of your wedding. We strongly suggest you read the first part here before continuing, so you get all the context right.

  1. The Band Baja

A baraat is officially incomplete without the band baja. When else will your Chacha get the opportunity to do the ‘naagin’ dance or your Mama doing the Robot dance along with your Daadi (hopefully sober). With bands playing the all time epic “Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai”, to the latest “Afghan Jalebi”, they set the mood for the wedding ceremony for the baaratis. Check out some of the handpicked bands by us which take care of the music, the lighting, the ghodi and other things that go with it.

  1. The Wedding Cards

image00The wedding cards are the most underrated part of any wedding planning. It shouldn’t be another wedding card where the snapshot of the wedding details is taken on a cell phone by the invitee and then the card is tossed away into the bin. It should feel precious and memorable. It will only give that vibe if some genuine thought has been given into designing it. The cards should make the invitee feel like an important person and urge their presence whilst setting the tone for the wedding. Spice it up by adding tit-bits like what to expect at the wedding or mention the dress code ( if you have one). For all of your choices from getting a big fat LED display invite, or sticking to modest sweet and short designs, we have all the solutions.

  1. Clothing

In modern Indian weddings, apparel has been given serious importance by the wedding jodi as the clothes they want are usually a good mixture of modern and traditional look. The quest of buying clothes for sangeet, wedding ceremony and reception (maybe more dresses or less depending upon your tradition and customs, and especially budget), while finding time to try out the various dresses and customising the stitching, weight of the dress, design, comfort (addressing issues like “something is poking from this side”, “I’m looking fat” and the list goes on) can be a tiresome task. We’ve sorted out some of the Mumbai’s best designers who can provide you the trendiest looks with the some providing measurement and dress trials at home itself.

  1. Mehendi

The ‘mehendi ki raat’ is another fun pre-wedding ceremony in Indian marriages. The bride-to-be gets her hand designed with beautiful patterns made out of henna with female relatives and friends being part of it. But designing the hands of so many people is a daunting task and needs an expert who can draw beautiful designs in short amount of time. We’ve assembled some of the best mehndi artists which you can hire and worry no more about hiding the groom’s name in the design (to check groom’s puzzle solving skills, ofcourse). No need to worry about the darkness of the mehndi colour, they’ve got you covered.

  1. Makeup/Grooming

image01Let us be honest here, women are more excited about wedding day than men. For every woman, her wedding day is the most important day of her life, so obviously she wants to look her very best. So for your Bua-ji to say “Meri bhatiji Kareena Kapoor lag rahi hai”, you need to book a good makeup artist, and that too booked well in advance, whose availability can be checked out, so that the artist can look at your skin tone, face pattern, and your dress choices to come up with good ideas. Also, don’t worry grooms; we have gathered the best of the best to groom you for the wedding day because we know everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day.

  1. Pandit

This part of the wedding planning is easy to overlook as someone from your relatives will tell you that he/she will take care about the Panditji, but certain factors need to be consider. A pandit’s job is not just to chant mantras, while you take the pheras, yell out shubh mangal savandhan and head back home. He is an important aspect of every wedding ceremony, taking care of the horoscope and matchmaking, pujas and havans to be performed along with taking care of various items required for the ritual. With inter-caste weddings on the rise (and also the trend today of couples needing the translation of every chant the pandit recites), inquiring about pandits well in advance can help clear out doubts about the ceremonies he will perform during your wedding.

  1. Honeymoon

After the really stressful (planning the wedding, smiling throughout the reception, forgetting the name of the person who came to greet you on stage, controlling your urge to eat, etc.) wedding ceremony, your body and mind desperately craves for some relaxation – and honeymoons are meant to do just that. It is a really good ice breaker in the case of arranged marriages and helps you spend quality time with your partner. Whether it is a short one, because your boss needs you back at work within two weeks, or you want to go for the Europe tour you’ve been dreaming long back, whatever your plan is, remember that the best deals always go to people who are planned 6 months ahead of their travels. Make sure you do your research using everything from Google Maps to Wikipedia so that you cover what’s important for you and leave out what disinterests you.

What do you feel about this guide? Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with someone who is getting married soon.


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