The Adorable Story Veeru & Dhanno!

On 21st August 1979, after breaking all the norms and fighting the world Bollywood’s dream girl (Hema Malini) tied the knots with the hunk Veeru ( Dharmendra). It was on the set of “ tum haseen main jaavan” in 1970 when macho Veeru and cinema’s dream girl fell in love with each other.

It was the time when Hema had already rejected many proposals such as Jeetendra and Sanjeev kumar’s. On the another hand Dharmendra was already married to Prakash kaur and had two sons, but nothing could stop him from falling in love with sita and geeta.

Their’s wasn’t an easy love story. It was as dramatic and as masaledaar as any of our Bollywood movie. Dharmendra’s wife, Prakash Kaur, wasn’t divorce him and being a hindu he could not have two wives. Therefore he turned himself muslim to marry his dream girl.

Initially, even Hema did not reciprocate to Dharmendra’s proposal, as she did not want to get involved with a married man. But they kept signing movies together. While shooting and spending time together on movie set they got close to each other. Hema remember falling in love with Dharmendra, they were shooting for the song “ jat yamla pagla diwana” it was his funny dance moves which took dream girl’s heart away.


Once, Hema and Dharmendra was shooting separately in Nasik and Banglore. Dharmendra, from Banglore, drove for 24 hours all the way to Nasik only to tell Hema that he loves her. Damn it, why wasn’t I born in that era??

Hema’s parents were not at all happy with their growing closeness. They decided to get her married to Jeetendra and took her to Madras for marriage ceremony. But somehow Dharmendra got this news and flew to Madras to get his girl. Like a hero he is, he gate-crashed her wedding and somehow convinced his dream girl not to marry Jeetendra.

That must have a really serious situation for them, but now that I imagine the situation, it seems like a scene from a comedy movie… I am sure they both  laugh on the situation too. 😀 gate-crashing a wedding and stealing dulhaniya… hahaha


Now they are happily living together, blessed with two beautiful daughters.

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