5 tips for finding the right ‘Sherwani’

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Find which Sherwani suits you!

Sherwanis originated as court dress of nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty in the late 19th century. There were variety of Sherwanis that belonged to various cultures and region of the country. Today they have evolved as wedding outfits and as one of the best choice for a traditional outfit for the grooms. Sherwanis are of various types based on the cut, fabric, form, embellishments, etc. It requires a brief research and these 5 smart tips will give you a clear picture on how to choose the right ‘Sherwani’ for Shaadis!

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Pros and Cons of a Banquet Hall Wedding

Your Shaadi venue should be a dream location that enfolds the most precious moments of your life. Today there are so many venue options, be it the banquet halls in Mumbai  or 5-star hotels and beautiful garden venues with lush green lawns. Better yet, you even have destination venues that have a unique charm to them.

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