Honeymoon destination for 2018

After immersion from wedding chaos, it’s finally time to go for your most awaited and dreamt about  honeymoon. It’s very important to decide the place before the wedding. But if you haven’t, no worries, Shaadismart is here to help you select your alone time with your spouse.

  • Bali

This Indonesian island is home for Indonesian’s Hindu minority. Surrounded by beaches. This province does not only have the ball but also other smaller neighbouring islands. You see, you have hell lot of beaches to show off those sexy lingeries. ?

  • Greece

The cradle of Western Civilization. One of the most beautiful historical country of southern-east Europe. And of course it is has been the location of so many movies. Tell me why won’t anyone want to go to a place which they saw on the screen of their TV.

  • Prague

“The city of hundred spires”. Prague capital city of Czech Republic. The sites of Prague are breath taking , lying between nostalgia and modernization. It’s famous landmark are St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles bridge, Prague castle and the list is long. You are never going to be disappointed in choosing Prague.

  • Scotland

A country in UK. Scotland is a land of mountain wilderness. Scotland comprises of majestic castle and breath-taking landscape perfect place for your adorning honeymoon.

  • Venice

The capital of Italy’s Veneto region. “ Wow! What a beautiful place.” Wasn’t that your first sentence when you saw Ranbir and Deepika in “ Khuda Jaane” song. Why not go there and sing the song yourself.

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