Jaya Bhaduri’s Angry Young Man <3

Isn’t Amitabh Bachchan not only our parents’ favourite but ours too?

Even at the age of 75 he has the personality which can steal everyone’s heart. But the only person who stole his heart and never gave back is Jaya Bhaduri, his binddri.


mmm… there was Rekha too but Jaya ji had a stronger grip :B .


On june 3, 1973 Jaya Bhaduri stole Amitabh Bachchan’s surname to make her’s forever. A time tested couple as Amitabh and Jaya got married in a span of few days as Jaya’s lambuji wanted to take her on London trip but his parents said ‘NO’ to the trip with a girl before marriage. So, he took a bigger step and decided to get married to her in a private ceremony.


They took the flight to London on the same day of their marriage. Oh God! How romantic…. Those were the days…. <3


Jaya Bhaduri was already a star when Amitabh Bachchan saw Jaya ji first time on a cover of a magazine. But they were first introduced to each other officially by Hrshikesh Mukherjee for the movie ‘guddi’. Call it serendipity as Jaya ji matched all the features of his dream women.


But but but .. it was Jaya ji who realized it first that she has started to develop feeling for him.


It was on the set of “Ek nazar” when cupid stuck Amitabh ji too with Jaya’s arrow.

The royal couple of Bollywood tied the knots in an appartment of jaya bhaduri’s family friend at Malabar hill. Their wedding was blessed by their close friends & family.


Like everyone else their marriage was also hit by tsunami waves but they stood rock solid and crossed the ocean of hurdle and now they are on safe island.

We don’t wish anything but a life full of love, success and health for Big B & jaya ji.

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