How to find your perfect wedding venue?

Once your
wedding date is finalized and the countdown for the D-day begins, you  are hurrying up with your shaadi plans. Among several other chores, choosing the perfect venue for the Shaadi is a gigantic task. This occurs mainly because you have to consider multiple factors whilst finalizing a venue. To make things easy you can have a planned approach for your venue selection on the following outline:

  1. Fix your budget


Now, budget is the foundation of all of your plans. You need to make a wise decision in venue selection according to your range of affordability. Ideally you would want to keep your venue budget around 40-60% of the total budget for your Shaadi. A suggestion for getting a desired venue within your budget is to choose an alternative venue location instead of the commonly available and popular ones. This is because the usual wedding venues can charge hefty fees while you might get something similar if not better, when you settle for an unconventional yet pleasant venue. Another way to contain your budget is to choose a date for the Shaadi that does not clash with peak wedding seasons.

  • The venue site


Once you are ready with a budget you would start hunting for the venue location and the kind of venue you want to have. Typically venue sites for Shaadis are of two broad categories- indoor or outdoor venues. If you happen to live in Mumbai and want to choose an indoor venue, you can start looking up for available banquet halls in Mumbai. If you want an extravagant outdoor venue with gardens, lawns, fountains etc. then look up for such outdoor options. You can also have the option of a banquet and garden combination, which of course will have the best of both. Generally when you are choosing a site you need to focus upon two priorities.

PLush Retreat

One is the season in which you are getting married and the other is the number of guests that would attend the Shaadi. For monsoon weddings, indoor venues are mostly preferred to avoid bad weather. Also if it’s winter and extremely chilly outside or a sultry summer day, you might opt for an indoor venue because the last thing you would want is your guests shivering or sweating profusely while your Shaadi is on. Outdoor venues are best suited for pleasant weathers. Also make an estimate of the number of guests and choose a venue size accordingly. If you have a large number of guests you should go for the most spacious venue within your budget, even if it’s not the best you would prefer.

  • Shaadi theme


Do you want the venue and its decorations reflecting something about your jodi? Then you should settle for a Shaadi theme as well. Explore all kinds of possibilities. For example if you are getting married in Mumbai and want to include a touch of the shoreline in the sea side city, then search for banquet halls in Mumbai which might have an exquisite sea facing venue location, or better still an outdoor venue by the sea side. If you want to stick to a traditional yet splendid indoor venue, look for mansion like venues in palaces or ballrooms with a royal touch with heavy draping velvety curtains, regal carpets, chandeliers and so on. Discuss with your would to be spouse, family and friends to come up with exciting ideas.

  • Venue decorations


The venue decorations are the show stealers that come second to the marrying couple. Again, for decorations, you need to assess how much you plan to spend. Outdoor venues will require more expenses for decorations because outdoor venues generally cover a larger area than indoor venues. Also in Indoor venues it’s generally easy to allocate spaces for different events of the Shaadi ceremony. For outdoor venues (in the complete absence of a hall or building structure) you need to plan with the decorator how to divide the entire space for the various events of your Shaadi. This will include the Shaadi mandap, the seating arrangement for guests, the food lounge, etc. Anyway, outdoor wedding venues can be delightful and can make your Shaadi a truly memorable experience.  If you have a particular theme for your wedding discuss with the decorator about how he can make the best use of your theme.

  • Food and catering


It’s the wedding that brings the guests in, but it’s the food that makes them stay. What would be this merriment without a bite and a drink? The reason you should consider this while choosing a venue is that you need to make arrangements accordingly. If you choose a buffet then decide if you can allocate a separate floor (for indoor venues) for the dining area. If an indoor venue is not spacious enough, arranging the food zone and the Shaadi zone at the same floor can make you feel crammed up. For outdoor venue see that the food spread is put up properly with good seating arrangements for the guest. You can also arrange serving system on allocated tables, but the RSVP system needs to be in place to make sure everyone has a place to sit.

  • Logistics


This is the vital part for the marriage ceremony’s smooth execution from the beginning till the end. This includes almost everything that is required for the convenience of the guests and the two families engaged. You need to check if there are proper parking arrangements, lift man for the elevator, air conditioning in the venue, functional sound systems, plenty of washrooms, etc. Of course if you are a bride (or a groom) to be you would have better things to attend before the Shaadi and these tasks are best handled by close family relatives or friends. However you should visit the venue by yourself at least once before booking the place.

With these smart tips you are ready to start off with your venue selection. Be it the banquet halls in Mumbai or a lavish outdoor venue, make sure that it is the perfect one for you.

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