E-wedding! Is it possible in the digital future?

From e-mails, e-commerce, e-shopping and many other luxurious facilities over the Internet, the focus can certainly shift to E-wedding in the Digital Future.

Hindu mythology and traditions term wedding as a pure legal relationship of two individuals so that they can pursue their duties, possessions, physical desires and ultimate spiritual release together. It is the union of two individual as husband and wife. A grand affair where every ritual, pre- and post wedding hold a special importance to lead a blissful life together. Traditions in a wedding include physical presence of both the individuals. If E-wedding, literally means doing a wedding agreement over the Internet without having some rituals together, it will just ruin the meaning of wedding. Wedding is a celebration, a celebration of an initiation of a new life for two families indeed. E-wedding will be just like a contract deal done between two individuals.

Digitalisation has indeed made its mark in the 21st century. Money has also been digitalised but digitalising realties and their traditional customs will be a demoralising fact for any Mythology. It can be possible but then, wedding will just be a contract signed over the Internet. Earlier, it was a tradition to distribute wedding invitation cards to all the relatives by post or by visiting them but e-wedding cards have taken over the scene. Wedding can be overtook by E-wedding certainly but post it, two individuals have to live together, so the motive of e-wedding will be useless.

In a recent case study, it was seen that Muslims can take divorce through SMS and other online services but it was termed legally not appropriate by the government. This might not be possible in today’s world but we can surely see the probability with the growing technology that things like these can surely happen in future.

And indeed it is possible in the digital future to have E- Weddings. Many matrimonial sites may be modified to matrimonial plus e-wedding sites. Digitalization can certainly take over all the fields of life over the Internet.

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