Destination Wedding – a dreamy fairy tale or an absolute nightmare?

We spoke about Banquet Hall weddings. Then we discussed open lawn weddings.  It is now high time we spoke about the most swankiest of wedding venue type – The Destination Wedding.

Maybe you’re a fan of the sprawling valleys of the Himalayan foothills or the regal deserts of Rajasthan or maybe the Goan beaches allure you as Shaadi destinations. In any and every case, chances are, that you might want to consider a destination wedding. 


  • Call it a middle ground or no man’s land:
So close, yet so far away | Phot By: BusyBee Studio
So close, yet so far away | Phot By: BusyBee Studio

A destination for the Shaadi is more appealing when the bride and groom are from far off and different locations. Destination weddings seem like the de facto winners when coin tosses fail to make the decision for you. You can call it a win-win or a lose-lose. Either way, with all biases out of the way, you are free to move forward with your plans.

  • Special day is only for special people:
It’s not just about you. It’s about them too. | Photo By: Amanpreet Photography

If you want fuss free private Shaadi ceremony with fewer guests, then destinations can be a good choice. As expected, a destination wedding involves people spending (quite a lot) of their own money to attend your wedding. With such expenses, only the ones who care deeply about you both would attend it.

  • Aapki shaadi, unki chutti:
Why should Brides have all the fun? | Photo By: Vivek Parmar Photography

Destination Shaadis are a relaxed affair for guests and family as they can share quality time with each other over some days and that too in a new location. In a traditional urban setting, you barely get the time to look at people’s faces. Whereas a destination wedding over an extended weekend gives you the perfect excuse for you to catch up with your special guests.

  • Truly memorable!
You’re (probably) getting married once in your lifetime. Why not make it Royal? | Photo By Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Destination Shaadis are something memorable that you would cherish while looking at the Shaadi photographs in the later years. Who doesn’t like to share their splendid traditional wear in royal Jaipur palaces on Snapchat and Instagram? Everything from the sunrise to the sunset is memorable and creates a pleasant anticipation within your extended friend circles.

It may not all be fun and game though. Let us look at some of the downsides of destination weddings.


  • The fear of the unknown:


Remember that destination Shaadis mean that you will deal with an unfamiliar location and avail vendors and manage them from your hometown. You have to make precise plans according to budgets, available logistics, guests travelling, etc. It’s best that you take the help of a wedding planner for such hopeful endeavours.

  • Atithi NOT Devo Bhava?:


Just face it, not all of your relatives are going to be thrilled about your faddish location choice. Many of your guests would probably have to give it a raincheck. You also have to consider aged relatives and some who are others who aren’t comfortable with the idea of spending for travelling. After all, they ARE your family (extended or not).

  • No Jolly LLB for you!:
International Destination Wedding
The International look may have international hurdles | Photo By: Into Candid Photography

You have to especially consider the stability (economic, political etc.) of an international destination at the time of Shaadi. There can be political or natural disturbances that might hamper your Shaadi. If you choose locations abroad and plan for a legal marriage as well, then make sure you are acquainted with the legal laws of matrimony of that land. Court proceedings may even differ state to state, and so do the governing bodies and approvals etc.

By weighing the pros and cons of the different venues, you can easily choose one among these. Don’t shy away from trying out something new and you can obviously think beyond Banquet Halls or Wedding Lawns in Mumbai. In any case, it’s preferable to take the help of a Shaadi planner.

Or maybe, just stick to for sorting through a plethora of vendors, sorted, compared and reviewed for your convenience. Additionally, you may also pay them online or book them for a specific date.

See you around, Ciao!

Cover Image: Vips Fotography

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