Badass wedding planning hacks!

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Are you chanting your wedding dates perpetually? Tired of calling your friends for vendor contacts? Tired of explaining your requirements to the wedding planner? No worries! There’s no more bridezilla mode. Here are the badass wedding planning tips.


Stop being a bridezilla! Juggling with too many responsibilities isn’t easy but at the same time stressing over them isn’t going to be of any help. Talk to your partner, parents and friends to know what their opinion is. At the same time, don’t go over too many people’s opinion as that might lead into greater chaos. Talk to the right person for the right thing. Your pundit is not going to be a big deal to your friends while your DJ is not going to be a big deal for your parents. Speak with the right person for the right advice. This not only gives you an idea about what is required but also saves you from disappointing your loved ones.

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Preparation is a must. Plan your work and work your plan. This will not only save your time but also keep you stress free. Search for vendors and shortlist few people. Compare them to know the pros and cons and choose the vendor who has the most advantages. After fixing the vendor, rehearse the important things. Go for a trial make up, test the food menu with sampling, request for decor outline either sketched or printed to know how the ensemble looks.

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In today’s world of dreamy weddings, there’s no place for templates. Personalized themes and customized services are backbreaking like finding the right match. To match your requirements, to fit in your budget, to get your services delivered as expected, to have the picture perfect moments – is it even possible?

It is!

Venue, food, décor, photography, mehendi, make up, outfit and all of it under one roof. Choose from a wide range of vendors of your choice depending on your need, taste and budget. Confused between too many options? Compare an choose the best vendor for your big day. Enjoy hassle free experience with 100% verified vendors. Be smart, Choose ‘Shaadismart’!


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