Red / Orange / Yellow – Which colour to choose for a Bridal Lehenga?

Bridal Dresses, Lehenga Colours

Time to play with the fire shades!

Your wedding dress is something that you have always dreamt of and finding the perfect one is once in a lifetime chance that you’ve got. Shaadis are incomplete without Lehengas and they must be chosen wisely. The colour of your Lehenga matters so much that it is the next most important thing to consider after the type of your Lehenga. The trendy fire shades Red, Orange and Yellow are in rage and which colour to be chosen among them for your bridal lehenga depends on several factors such as occasion, season, skin tone, body shape, wedding decor, etc.

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5 tips for finding the right ‘Sherwani’

Groom Styling, Dulha Sherwani ideas

Find which Sherwani suits you!

Sherwanis originated as court dress of nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty in the late 19th century. There were variety of Sherwanis that belonged to various cultures and region of the country. Today they have evolved as wedding outfits and as one of the best choice for a traditional outfit for the grooms. Sherwanis are of various types based on the cut, fabric, form, embellishments, etc. It requires a brief research and these 5 smart tips will give you a clear picture on how to choose the right ‘Sherwani’ for Shaadis!

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