Airbrush makeup – Yes or No?


In today’s insta world, everyone wants instant results and ‘Airbrush makeup’ is a major success in the beauty industry only because of the instant, flawless effect it gives. It helped people skip the painstaking diets and skin routines they had to undertake before their wedding or special day to get that healthy skin which is very hard to attain.

Why the Hoo Haa ???

Airbrush can bring the whole effect in hours or less than hours. While airbrush makeup was used only for models and actors, it was considered elite and expensive.

But today, the increasing number of airbrush makeup brands and artists and academies that train makeup artists to specialize in airbrush makeup has made it more accessible and reasonable for occasions such as wedding.

This type of makeup is still expensive but compared to the prices that salons and artists charge for bridal makeups at present, there is no drastic difference between their prices.


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What to Look-Out for ?

There are few facts to consider about choosing airbrush over traditional makeup as it is not a usual service that is easily accessible and commonly used.

Like every other type of makeup, airbrush makeup is also for people with specific type of skin. Instead of traditional make up brushes with synthetic hair, a gun with loaded foundation is sprayed on the skin, making it spread even and little.

Though airbrush makeup gives the effect of flawless skin, it is still just an effect. You must take care of your skin and get it prepared for the makeup as it is just another type of makeup and not some magic formula. When there is no proper skin maintenance, there are chances of the makeup to fail.These pros and cons of aibrush will let you know if ‘airbrush’ is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for you!




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Pros of Airbrush makeup

  • One of the best makeup to get flawless look with the least amount of product, making it light and comfortable.
  • Consumes lesser time compared to other types of makeup as the application requires very few products and equipment.
  • Lasts longer when take good care, making it perfect for celebrations that are time-consuming.
  • Lessens the work of your photographer as the makeup itself partially gives the flawless effect on your skin (Though airbrush makeup makes your skin look flawless, it cannot reach the impractical effects that image touch up software can do!).
  • Contouring becomes easier for the artist when done using an airbrush as highlights can be done sharp and yet look natural.

Cons of Airbrush makeup

  • Acne prone skin is too oily for airbrush makeup whereas dry skin is also a ‘no! no!’ to airbrush makeup. The effect does not last longer if your skin has too many breakouts or if it is too dry.
  • It is comparatively pricey and will take a huge lump from your pocket.
  • It is a tough job to find an expert airbrush makeup artist as the practice came into full swing only from the last decade. Choosing the right makeup artist is a more important job rather than finding the type and brand and all sort of things. When the right artist is found, the right type is suggested and the right method is practised.


If you are still confused about choosing between airbrush and traditional makeup, you can go for a combination of both depending on your skin type and the makeup artist’s suggestion.

You can use the traditional concealers and foundation for the base if you have a lot of breakouts and then add a final layer of airbrush makeup to give it the flawless look an added radiance.

If you find airbrush makeup too little for your skin, then apply the base with an airbrush and add a final layer with the traditional products.

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