5 tips for finding the right ‘Sherwani’

Find which Sherwani suits you!

Sherwanis originated as court dress of nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty in the late 19th century. There were variety of Sherwanis that belonged to various cultures and region of the country. Today they have evolved as wedding outfits and as one of the best choice for a traditional outfit for the grooms. Sherwanis are of various types based on the cut, fabric, form, embellishments, etc. It requires a brief research and these 5 smart tips will give you a clear picture on how to choose the right ‘Sherwani’ for Shaadis!


#1 The colour of your bride is first on the list!


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The women are always precise about their choice of clothes, colour, theme and everything about their outfit having gone through millions of references and articles and sometimes even. Being men, it’s obvious that you would have started reading about Sherwanis only a month before your wedding! So there are very few chances of you choosing a colour before your bae. So, check with your better half and choose a matching or complementing colour to her wedding dress. (This plays a major role in the chemistry between the couple during the wedding!)

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#2 Do a brief research, elaborate one if possible


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Every piece of Shaadi clothing is important and it is a must do a simple research before going out to the store directly. Get to know the types of Sherwanis available, your body type, sherwanis that go well with your body type, current trends, best stores to buy sherwanis and all of that.

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#3 Readymade or Couture or Bespoke

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Sherwanis are available everywhere in every form and type. Depending on your budget, decide whether you would want a readymade sherwani that’s already available or get a personalized, unique couture for yourself or buy materials of your choice and add bling to them with the help of bespoke tailors to get the perfect fit.

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#4 A piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing


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Every piece of clothing has its own uniqueness, charisma and energy. And that is decided by the fabric, colour, material, form, texture, pattern, embroideries, embellishments and a lot of other facts. Invest on the right material as it decides the major success or failure of factor of your outfit. If you don’t want to look like a cheapskate in your wedding photographs, it’s a better idea to invest on quality material.

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#5 Accessories are for men too


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While buying your Sherwani, take the accessories into consideration too as they play a major role in adding richness to your outfit. Right from the buttons in your outfit to the gemstone on your turban must suit your outfit. So, have a plan before buying your Sherwani as it is not so easy to find complementing accessories for men unlike women.

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