2018 Bridal Wear Ideas

Every bride wants a Pinterest-y unique look on her big day. With a little effort and research, this is not a hard feat to achieve. There are several designers and makeup artists who specialise in making people look better than they could even imagine. Here are some ideas you could try out.

1. Playing with colours – Anushka Sharma left everyone surprised by dressing up in unconventional colours. She dawned a multi-coloured lehenga for her Mehendi and a pale shade of pink for the Jaimala. Many mainstream celebrities have broken free from the standard set of shades and managed to look good in totally new and unexpected attires. They’ve even begun a trend that’s here to stay.

Tip – Pick colours that complement the decorations or the theme of your wedding

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2. Florals
Florals took off in the past few years and continue to appeal to brides even now. They are available as patterns or asymmetric designs as prints as well as embroideries. They complete a bride’s look and are almost a compulsion in every bride’s wedding dress.

Tip – Go for designer wear, as it gives a less generic look as opposed to the commonly available symmetric patterns in stores. These take away the playfulness and beauty of florals.

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3. Go Traditional
Lehengas are too mainstream. In a country like ours that combines styles and traditions of numerous backgrounds, brides have a multitude of options to choose from. One need not look far, your own ethnicity might have its unique styles that give you a classy and uncommon look. Tamil brides wear a 9-yard Kanjeevaram with contrasting borders while Kashmiri brides adorn a Tarang.

Tip – You may add a twist to your traditional bridal attire to suit your tastes.

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4. Combinations
Not just with colours but with prints and patterns as well, it is always good to experiment with more than one style. It gives a more opulent look to your outfit. By combining more than one pattern or colour, you can even create a layering effect without actually having to move around in a massive wedding dress.

Tip – while experimenting with shades and patterns, make sure you pick styles that complement your physique. Seek professional advice if necessary. Don’t mix two or more busy prints.

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5. Antique jewellery
Antique jewellery looks good with all colours and skin tones. It gives a rustic earthy look to the modern day designs and patterns. It shows a sort of melange between the old and the new by combining tradition with modernity. Antique jewellery are generally big pieces that weigh a lot, thus, a few ornaments itself will succeed in giving the bride a rich and grand appearance. They can also be teamed with bright coloured stones such as rubies and sapphires and even pearls.

Tip – this is a great opportunity to wear a family heirloom. Also with jewellery, less is more. Pick a few good pieces rather than overdoing it with several average-looking ornaments.

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