10 Unique Mehndi Design Inspirations!

There is always a chapter of arty and colourful mehndi designs in every turn and tale of Indian wedding around the world. But if you’re the kind of girl who’s in a quest for traditional yet unique mehndi designs, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some unique mehndi design inspirations that’ll make your jaw drop:

  1. Sassy sandals – Want feet henna but with more spunk? Sandal-inspired patterns come to your rescue! Elegant and edgy, this style is here to stay!
  2. Minimalistic pointillism – This one is the simple and pretty! And the best part is, you can make this on your own too! It is just so easy to do because it’s literally just dots!2
  3. Royal motifs – You and your man are the king and queen in your lives and so shouldn’t your shaadi ki mehndi mirror just that? Yup, we thought so too.
  4. All ringed up – Show the world your badass side by opting for these super cool mehndi rings!4a
  5. Floral tats – Want henna on your big day but not the funky smell that comes with it? Here is a case in point! Floral tattoos have been gaining popularity because of their extensive use at Coachella and other music festivals. What’s more exciting, they come in gold and silver too!5
  6. Queen of Hearts – Didn’t we all doodle hearts in our notebooks when we were young? We would imagine ‘the one’ and giggle to ourselves! Now that you’ve got your Prince Charming, doodling hearts all over again makes sense, don’t ya think?6
  7. Pretty Peacocks – Peacocks are downright beautiful! Need we say more?7a
  8. Stunning Spine – If you’ve got a lovely, backless choli, you totally need this for your shaadi outfit!8
  9. Beautiful Bracelet – Bridal henna sometimes is a little too much, well, okay, always too much. Simplify by drawing on a dainty bracelet instead!9
  10. A Little Space – Add a touch of quirkiness to your look by opting for a little more space!10

So, which was your favourite pattern?

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