Weight Loss Tips For Brides

Being a bride, as silly as it sounds, is not an easy job. It is the brides who face the pressure of looking good more than the groom. It is on her attire that more money and time is spent. The stunning actresses of our country have set super high standards of what looking good means. This is why all brides feel the need to lose weight for their big day. Whatever your weight loss goal, try starting at least 3 months in advance and have patience and discipline.

Losing weight is a challenge on normal days but even more so when you’re approaching your wedding. You don’t have any set time every day that you can fix for an intense workout. Thus, your weight loss plan should form a part of your routine.

Here are some tips you can try:

Early to rise gives time for exercise

If you feel a lot of work needs to be done, religiously follow a strict exercise regime. While you don’t have as much control over the when your day will end, waking up early to have at least 45 minutes of some strenuous exercise yields great results.

This may seem hard to keep up with initially but once it becomes a habit you get uneasy when you miss your workout for a day. At least in the initial days, make sure you don’t skip exercising. Also, make sure you don’t skip Mondays as it makes you less guilty of skipping your workout for the rest of the week.


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective routes to weight loss. It is pretty much effortless and can easily form a part of your daily activities. You may not see the results immediately but gradually your body loses fat from many areas.

As you approach the wedding day. Make sure to have a brisk walk of at least an hour each day. If any location is a kilometre or two away and you have the time to spare walk to it instead of being chauffeured in.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Many of us aren’t really morning people and have our main meal at other times of our day, but this may not work in your favour if you’re looking to lose weight. Eat as much (healthy) food you like for breakfast. This will make you feel full and energetic throughout the day and you are lesser likely to binge on the first thing you lay eyes on later.

Counting Carbs

This is the most challenging tip, especially for the foodies out there but is super effective when it comes to reducing belly fat. Avoid junk food. Make sure you have a big dabba of simple salads made exclusively of raw vegetables at hand. Keep munching on this so that you feel full when the actual heavy meal comes in.

It may be too hard on your taste buds but will seem like a small sacrifice in the long run. It goes without saying that fatty snack and sweets are a strict no-no.



Live Healthy

This is something many of us ignore. An unhealthy lifestyle reaches its pit when we’re in moments of high pressure. Thus as you approach your wedding day make sure you drink enough water and get sufficient sleep. Both these tips contribute to weight loss indirectly. Even if your weight loss is not evident, such lifestyle changes make you look happier and healthier for your Big Day.


This doesn’t just help with weight loss but also keeps you calm and patient throughout your hectic pre-wedding journey. This may not be very appropriate for people who’ve never tried yoga before and it does involve setting aside a part of your day but the results are commendable. Brides who practice Yoga appear happier and healthier. Yoga, in general, is a healthy lifestyle choice.


Do follow these steps and see yourself transforming into that beautiful bride you want to be !


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