troublesome bachelorette ideas

For bachelor’s party, all groom’s friends have to do is call his close friends, buy bottles of old monk, arrange for lap dancer (at least 😉 ) and he has earned the certificate of being the bestest friend. When it comes to the bachelorette party, the bride expects her party to be different, happening, and fun, though she won’t say it directly ? . And the knife hangs on her best friend’s neck. Here we are to make you escape that knife.

Glow it up

Rock her world with everything glowing. From glowing scarves to glowing face colour. And you know the basics, all the drinking and stripper stuff 😉 .

Give her a hangover

Party like insane. Make the would be bride drink like never before. Go on a night ride (only the sober one driving) click pictures, let her do what she can’t do when being sober. Just remember to record her, so that she never forgets.

Go tripping

Plan a trip with your gang. Go to an exotic place, let’s say Thailand or Goa may be. Be untamed. Keep a night for clubbing.

Bikini-clad party

Pool parties are always insane. Arrange a psychotic bachelorette for your bestie or sister. You can even have strippers over 😉

Wild in the wilderness

For adventure loving brides, no bachelorette can be better than this. Go camping. Make this trip full of adventure, for example, zip lining, bungee jumping and what not…

Slumber party: for budget conscious

Party in night suits, so my kind 😀 . Call her close friends over, dance like crazy. And guess what you will have another session of bitching about anyone and everyone.

You can combine the ideas for example pool party with a hangover, a trip with strippers to make it loonier. Don’t forget the kinky cake.

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