Traditions which are holding India back

Incredible India, that’s right “impossible to believe” India. You can take that in a good way or otherwise. “Incredible” works for both the aspects of India. There are so many demonic beliefs that it’s impossible even for us to follow those traditions. Here is my aspect of “Incredible India”:

Triple talak

This is the weirdest of all Muslim traditions. Do you have any idea how does it work? Let me help you. If husband or wife, any of them says “talaq talaq talaq” that’s right three times, the couple is considered divorced. Come on, are you kidding me? Just by saying this single word three times, the whole marriage ends. May be the person was just angry and he/she didn’t mean that. We all do stupid things when we are angry. But there is no going back from this. Anger or no anger if this word is said three times, this is the end of the so-called eternal bond.


Well this is also from Muslim community but even other communities are not sitting behind, they have also started to follow this. And let me tell you, this is allowed for men only. He has all the right to marry as many times as he wants. And what happens when a woman does that? She is labeled as a woman with no character, to put it harshly…a slut!

Burka / ghunghat

“Cover your face, don’t you have manners” I am sure you have heard that thousands of time. On the other side of the world, girls wear what they are comfortable in. Here in India, girls are supposed to hide their faces, as if it’s a crime to have a girly face.

Pari pona 

Touching feet’s of our elders is fine. I get it, it’s our way of taking their blessings. But touching your better half’s feet, are you serious? He is your BETTER HALF, not superior. And if women are expected to do that then why not men do the same.


A girl’s happy married life in India doesn’t start by getting married. It starts with the dowry, and even that is not guaranteed. Giving their girl to someone else isn’t enough, with that parent have to pay a hefty amount of money and expensive gifts like furniture, car and what not!

Gender discrimination

In every aspect of life, there is gender discrimination in India. From taking birth to taking the last breath, a girl is discriminated in every phase of her life. Most of the girls get murdered even before coming to the world. And the ones who do come into the world, they are considered as birth-giving machine and nothing more than that. And it happens in spite of the fact that girls are considered as the form of goddess.

Child marriage

Incredible India. This can happen only in India. When kids don’t even know the meaning of marriage, those little kids are made to marry. In other countries, kids are learning to write and read. At the same age, kids in India are made to tie the knot. Though it’s an old age tradition but is still practiced in some parts of our Incredible India.

Inter cast/ inter-religion marriage

Loving someone is not easy in India. To love someone and to get married to them you have to “choose” the person from same religion and caste. As they say, love knows no boundaries, well that doesn’t apply to our country. Love must be limited within the community, given that the girl and the boy are considered suitable for each other by match-making through kundli.

White bedsheets on wedding night

This is the worst of all traditions. When nothing else was left, we came up with the “white bedsheets on wedding night” trend. We all know what is that for. To check the virginity of the bride. No matter if the girl had some accident or she was into sports. She has to bleed on the very first night of her wedding. And if she doesn’t, well the groom regrets marrying a whore.

It’s important to have a different culture. But some traditions are holding us back from developing. Such as inequality, polygamy and all the above, there are a lot many such traditions. And we all know as soon as we get rid of these demonic traditions we will not be counted in ‘developing countries’ we will come under ‘developed countries’.

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