Top 7 Styling & Make-up Tips For Wedding

Your one day of wedding obviously shouldn’t require any sort of imperfection. After all, you have waited the whole of your life till now for this auspicious day to come where you can see your dream coming true without any fuss. Therefore, its mandatory for you to look your best on your wedding day because we all know that, everyone will have eyes on you. Shaadismart experts have brought to you some amazing styling makeup tips, that will help you plan your big day smoothly while looking stunning on your special day.

Follow these simple yet effective makeup tips to get better results on your D-day.


1. Face Cleansing Tips

The Indian brides are fond of using bold and brighter shades for their wedding. However, to get a long-lasting look, you must certainly cleanse your face to make sure there are no traces of oil or dirt on the face accumulated.

2. Base Preparing Tips

You need to moisturize your face for a smooth texture and an even skin tone. Also remember to moisturize the other area around your neck with your fingertips moving in a circular motion while rubbing them gently.

3. Tips for Face

Before you moisturize your face, use a primer two minutes before, so that it blends well. It is essential to keep your foundation and concealer in place. It further ensures to place the make-up intact for a longer period. Also, ensure to cover spots and blemishes with concealer. You can further enhance your skin tone by using a highlighted concealer.

4. Bronzer Tips

Use bronzer wisely to contour the face to appear a sharp and chiseled look. With a blusher, start applying strokes on both the sides of the chin except the center.

5. Eyeshadow Tips

Most of the Indian brides are fond of gold eye makeup as it goes well with their heavy red lehengas. You can give a subtle smoky effect to your eyes by using a charcoal shadow on the exterior lid contours.

6. Eyeliner Tips

You must not experiment on your D-Day by using vivid color liners. Rather, go for a plain or jet-black liner which has a waterproof feature.

7. Lipstick Tips

Having thin lips? Use a liner before applying a lipstick to give a plumper look. Wear a lipstick that complements the whole look. The best colors are maroon or any darker red shade for fuller lips, and light or peach pink works well for thin lips.


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