Top 6 Inspiring Eye make-up for Brides

All the brides-of-the-day look indeed stunningly and beautiful on their big day. However, the glow that comes naturally on the face of every bride is the proof of happiness and love of everyone being around which does not need any additional make-up. Every bride’s eye speaks a lot, and this can be the best time when one shouldn’t lay back without any eye make-up. It is done to give an appealing look so that the bride stands out among the crowd with those smoky eyes and red colored bold lipstick while she is under the spotlight at her wedding.

You can now end up looking excellent on the wedding day with fake lashes, eye shadow and highlighted liner and brows,which is settled seemingly on her eyes complementing her look and outfit. Shaadismart has brought to you some amazing eye makeup ideas for brides to see what kind of eye make-up works best for them.

1. The Smoky Golden Eyes

The blend of the sultry smoky eye with golden eye-shadow has always looked elegant when paired with any golden color outfit. It gives extra depth to your eyes while expanding the bolder side of you on your wedding day.

2. The Bollywood Eyes

The Bollywood eyes are still trending with an extreme winged eyeliner. Such winged eyeliner when paired with brown or nude shade eye-shadows gives you an intense look with larger eyes making you look fabulous on your wedding.

3. Cream Lined Lids

Using a black eyeliner is mundane?Try something different with a soft and minimalist gold or white eyeliner. It will surely uplift your eyes with lightly colored liner!

4. Intense Smoky Eyes

In love with smoky eye? Go ahead without feeling shy to play with more intense black or grey eye-shadow. Moreover, try highlighting your eyes with fake lashes that stands out beautifully at your wedding in any silver-themed Lehengaor-saree.

5. Peacock Inspired Eyes

Get beautiful peacock inspired eyelid with yellow, blue and gold gives a perfect look for a colorful themed wedding ceremony. Such kind of eye make-up always keeps you over-the-top to match any kind of colorful outfit.

6. Turquoise Eyes

The Turquoise color – blue and green looks simply gorgeous with a slight underneath color streaks. It is simply flattering, as it’s good to go with any colored outfit. Get it paired with big lashes and deep lips to get an eye-catching vintage look.

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