The Ultimate Wedding Guide: 14 things you need to get sorted for your special day (Part 1 of 2)

So, the ‘Yes’es have been said, and the families have met. Now is the time for bracing yourself for the day you have been waiting for. By now, you must have been told by someone within your family and friends that planning a wedding is not an easy task, and definitely not a cheap one. But we beg to differ. With early planning and proper execution, it could all be a painless experience. Here’s how you start:

1. Budget Planning
Let’s face it, no matter how we dream our wedding day to look like, things always get tricky and a little messed up, solely because of this very factor. This is also the reason why most people tend to face this awkward topic at the very end (when it’s probably a bit too late for that). It also doesn’t help that our culture considers it a taboo to talk about money (and abundance or lack thereof) openly. In our combined experience(s), it is better to face the budget issue head on your perfect day.

2. The Invite List
Oh, the dreaded invite list! She has a nuclear family, but he comes from a royal family and is probably a prince of some province. Sounds like the plot of TVF’s Tripling, but this scenario is more commonplace than we care to admit. Whom to invite? When to invite? And in some cases, why invite them? How many people should be allowed from each side? The questions don’t seem to end. On top of this, can you choose to be pragmatic about it, or do you have ‘samaj me humari pratishtha ka kya hoga’ kind of situation going on. 

3. The Venue
Second only to finalising the date, finalising the venue is one of the most cumbersome tasks of a wedding. Luckily, we have made efforts to make it simpler for you. Yet, you do have to consider factors like seasons, weather temperatures, accessibility, stay arrangements, other amenities etc. before you make your down-payment. You can’t have an outdoor monsoon wedding, the same way you can’t have an indoor wedding in a poorly ventilated indoor setting in the middle of the summer.


4. Catering
Catering comes in a bit easy with the venue, but if you are a couple with a peculiar taste, having a catering arrangement independent of the venue provider could end up being a logistical nightmare. Just make sure you take care that they can serve in your venue location and have redundancy in terms of manpower (cooks as well as waiters). You would also be better off asking them if they have handled the amount of crowd you expect and get some past client references you could talk to. Getting a reviews should be an important part of your decision making while choosing a caterer for your wedding.

5. Decoration
The decoration comes in practically unlimited shapes and sizes. You simply cannot work on this unless the venue is finalised. On the flip-side, you can filter your venue selection based on the kind of infrastructure needed for your ideal decoration. For example, if you are looking for a palatial wedding, no need to look at your typical open grounds type locations and vice versa.
6. Music
It is not just the music at the wedding that you have to think about. You also have to consider whether or not you want to have a Sangeet Ceremony. For the past few years, the trend of hosting a Sangeet Ceremony is catching on. Originally a Punjabi wedding tradition, it has made its way into the lives of Indians via mainstream Bollywood movies. As mentioned in one of our previous articles, there are many types of sangeet ceremonies executed in the modern day. You can go for the traditional DDLJ type setting or like the one in Gangs of Wasseypur, or you can even go for the ultra high-end weddings where movie stars perform on stage, followed by a DJ party. Again, you needn’t worry because we have your back, no matter what your needs are.

7. Photography

Imagine planning an elaborate wedding, going through all the hustle, only to have nothing to show for it and relive the memories in the future. Sure, there will be pictures from your younger sister’s Instagram accounts, but they’d probably just be a tonne of her own selfies. With the advent of smartphones with mammoth megapixel count cameras, we have way too many pictures of any event – more than we can ever have the time to look back at. But nothing compares the perfect shots of a professional photographer. Add to it that there are multiple types of a wedding photography, and you need to book the photographers at least 3 months in advance, making a choice could be exhausting.

You can check out the part 2 of this article here, where we cover 8 more things you need to get sorted for your special day.

Have a smart shaadi!

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