Make the Groom go WOW on your Entry!

For months you have been preparing for your union. With a high spirit, you have arranged everything perfectly. From makeup to your lehenga and jewellery, everything is breathtaking. So, why should your entry be anything less than “oh! So grand”. Here we have some ideas for your grand entry.

Enter with your gang in a jeep

From sharing your tiffin in school to make you ready for your first date, you had their back. Why not enter with them in your new life. And of course TASHAN B)

Make your girl gang announce your entry on scooter

Your girl gang riding their scooters just ahead of your car. WOW! What an electrifying entry.

Steal his horse

Astonish the groom with you riding on horseback. I would love to see his mouth open 😉

Enter with flow of water

This will be a great idea if you are having your wedding close to a lake or close to any water body.

Make it dramatic with smoke bomb

This works well when you have an outdoor day wedding. Make your surrounding colourful and happy.

Sparkling affair

Light up the bride’s path with sparkle and firework. So dreamy and perfect after dark entry.

Ditch the flower chadar for flower umbrella

Your cousin also had the entry with flower chadar ? but you love flowers. Umbrellas decorated with flowers are the perfect substitute.

Put your niece to work

Aww! So cute. Niece carrying your entry sign.

Dance your way through

If you are someone who loves doing things in your own way, there cant be any better entry for you than this.

Get yourself carried in floral DOLI

Doli is my favorite. Making your entry in grand flower palki is sooo…………. I have no words.

Baaraat Styles!!! Let them know you have come to take your bride!

Indian weddings are becoming more and more fun, there is no stopping of that. From entering till bidai we want everything perfect, dreamy and fun. There are brides planning their grand entry, so should grooms, because hellooo 2018. From Karan singh groover to Yuvraj singh everyone is making head turn with their entries.

In your dancing shoes

“Tenu leke mein jawaga… dil de ke mein jawaga..” make your entry with your dancing shoes on. Because when the groom gets grooving, everyone does! And that’s the easiest way to break the ice.

On Segway

Because Bipasha’s groom made an entry like that and so should you. Segway entry is quite talk of the town these days. Not only it’s trending in India but also in foreign countries.

AC carriage

Steal the carriage from Elizabeth and make it yours. Because come on it’s your day.

Ride an ATV

If your wedding venue is a huge area, ATV entry is for you. Make a noise, let everyone know you have come to take your bride, just like our yuvi did.

Vintage car

If you had the dream of riding a vintage car, this is the day to change that into reality. Drive a vintage open car and make the heads turn. Drive this baby up to the stage. Let everyone know “man if the day” had arrived.

Jai-Veeru’s Vespa

Ridding a fun coloured Vespa on your wedding id so quirk. All the grooms out there who don’t want a boring entry, make it fun with classic vespa.

On your squad’s shoulder

Let the dhool walas announce your arrival first and then enter on the shoulder of your squad. Being flanked onto your friends’ shoulder is a hell lot of fun.

Maharaja style

Take the feel of being a king, for the last time, because after that you cannot even change TV channels 😀 .

No matter how you enter, just keep your jutis safe 😉 . you might end up going without them.