Day vs night wedding!

One of my friends is getting married. The couple has such an amazing understanding that I am in awe of them. So far they have decided everything with mutual understanding. The only thing they can’t be on the same page is the timing of the wedding. She wants a day wedding and her fiancée wants night wedding. They both had their pros and cons of their choices. It stuck me, sooo many of you might also be arguing about the same thing. Here we are going to list the pros and cons of both day wedding as well as night wedding.

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How to find your perfect wedding venue?

Once your
wedding date is finalized and the countdown for the D-day begins, you  are hurrying up with your shaadi plans. Among several other chores, choosing the perfect venue for the Shaadi is a gigantic task. This occurs mainly because you have to consider multiple factors whilst finalizing a venue. To make things easy you can have a planned approach for your venue selection on the following outline: Continue reading “How to find your perfect wedding venue?”