Reducing Wastage at Weddings

Even if we are big fans of grand get-togethers and celebrations, we have to admit a wedding is probably the most expensive occasion that we or our parents incur. While getting married and celebrating such union is not a bad thing, we should ensure every paisa spent gets its due.

Here are a few ways we can minimise and even eliminate wastage at weddings.

  1. Guest List

While it may seem hostile to not invite every possible acquaintance to every possible function that is part of the wedding, we should realise this is really not necessary. I can’t even count the number of weddings I’ve been to where the bride and the groom were clueless about at least two-thirds of the guests at their wedding. Likewise, I know so many weddings that I have attended where I had no idea who the couple getting married is. Keep a wedding the private special occasion that it is. Chances are, you (and the uninvited guest) will hardly care about not being invited.

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2. Wedding Card

Wedding cards today range from simple minimalistic cards to small or even big decorated boxes. Great idea! But again, a lot of room for cutting down on expenditure. Your wedding is an important occasion for you, a huge majority of the people are just guests. They will be happy and attend the wedding with as much fervour even with a regular card if you matter enough to them.

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3. Food

Yes, the starving children in Africa is an outdated argument, but even so, wasting food is horrible. Nearly all religions teach you to respect and earn your food, it would be an insult to treat it as such on as auspicious an occasion as a wedding. People like to flaunt their wealth by keeping an unlimited amount of the most exotic dishes to impress hundreds of people who are probably going to forget their wedding a few months if not weeks down the line.

Keep a limited amount of dishes. At every wedding, there are only a few dishes that the guests go gaga over while the rest are left untouched. Make sure the waiters and caterers pay close attention while serving people and give small portions. Encourage the guests to take seconds but not overload their plates just at the sight of the dish. This should be considered even more strictly when giving food to children who have the habit of overfilling their plates but not finishing their food.

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4. Decorations

Flaunting one’s wealth and overdoing stuff seems to be the trend these days. It has extended to the decorations as well. While you may want to have the most exclusive exotic flowers adorning pillars and beams in your wedding hall, make sure the decoration can be reused at least once more. Many wedding halls and venues host weddings back-to-back, contact the people organising the other wedding(s) and ask them if they’d not mind reusing the decorations,. You can even ask to reuse theirs if you don’t have any qualms about it. Some décor items (that are durable) can even become part of your new home.

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5. Clothing and accessories

Thanks to Feminism the whole trend of a wedding being The Absolutely Most Important Day in the bride’s life is subsiding. However, many people still like to splurge on clothes and jewellery. For your dresses, buy something that isn’t that showy that you can wear it on no other occasion. Clothing is an expense with no resell value, irrespective of what you paid on its purchase. Jewellery is worth as long as it is of a precious metal.

Don’t restrict yourself from buying the essentials, buy how much is absolutely necessary, try to cut down on the rest. Your wedding dress could make someone else’s day so you can donate it to a bride from a family of limited means.

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