Baaraat Styles!!! Let them know you have come to take your bride!

Indian weddings are becoming more and more fun, there is no stopping of that. From entering till bidai we want everything perfect, dreamy and fun. There are brides planning their grand entry, so should grooms, because hellooo 2018. From Karan singh groover to Yuvraj singh everyone is making head turn with their entries.

In your dancing shoes

“Tenu leke mein jawaga… dil de ke mein jawaga..” make your entry with your dancing shoes on. Because when the groom gets grooving, everyone does! And that’s the easiest way to break the ice.

On Segway

Because Bipasha’s groom made an entry like that and so should you. Segway entry is quite talk of the town these days. Not only it’s trending in India but also in foreign countries.

AC carriage

Steal the carriage from Elizabeth and make it yours. Because come on it’s your day.

Ride an ATV

If your wedding venue is a huge area, ATV entry is for you. Make a noise, let everyone know you have come to take your bride, just like our yuvi did.

Vintage car

If you had the dream of riding a vintage car, this is the day to change that into reality. Drive a vintage open car and make the heads turn. Drive this baby up to the stage. Let everyone know “man if the day” had arrived.

Jai-Veeru’s Vespa

Ridding a fun coloured Vespa on your wedding id so quirk. All the grooms out there who don’t want a boring entry, make it fun with classic vespa.

On your squad’s shoulder

Let the dhool walas announce your arrival first and then enter on the shoulder of your squad. Being flanked onto your friends’ shoulder is a hell lot of fun.

Maharaja style

Take the feel of being a king, for the last time, because after that you cannot even change TV channels 😀 .

No matter how you enter, just keep your jutis safe 😉 . you might end up going without them.

Top 5 Budget Destinations for your Honeymoon (International)

All couples look forward to their honeymoon, even the ones who have spent a sufficient time together well before tying the knot. A honeymoon is when they finally cement their bond as a married couple and even go on to make memories that will last them their lifetime.

It is, for this reason, everyone wants their honeymoon to be special, preferably away from all familiar locations closer to home, in a getaway that would separate them from all that is routine. Lucky for you we have come up with a list of destinations that you could visit even on a budget.

1. Mexico
Mexico is reasonably priced and gets cheaper depending on the season. It offers adventure, scenic beauty, culture, art, cuisine and more. It basically has everything you could hope for on a honeymoon. While Mexico City has most of the popular tourist destinations (such as art and museums), the Yucatan Peninsula deserves special mention. It has many 5 star hotels that give deep discounts and offers plenty of opportunities to go diving in the longest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere.

Price Range for a 5-day stay – ? 80,000 – ? 1,00,000

Image result for mexico honeymoon

Image result for mexico honeymoon

Image result for mexico honeymoon

Image result for mexico honeymoon

Image result for mexico honeymoon

2. Bali
Constantly labelled one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia, Bali offers you luxury even on a conservative budget. It is also home to magnificent beaches, resorts, and spas, some of which also host various adventure sports. There is also an assortment of temples you can visit and it is known to have an active night-life. Bali is a popular favourite and doesn’t seem to lose its shine as it has something for everyone.

Price Range for a 5-day stay – ? 50,000 – ? 60,000

Image result for bali honeymoon

Image result for bali

Image result for bali

Image result for bali

Image result for bali

3. Malaysia
Malaysia is truly Asia as it is a fine melange of Indian, Japanese and various other cultures. Malaysia can be posh yet ethnic at the same time. Kuala Lumpur, its capital city, hosts many of the popular tourist attractions. Other than this there are several beaches and islands, some of which are even unexplored. You can even trek in the Taman Negara National Park if you find solace amidst nature in its truest wildest form.

Price Range for a 5-day stay – ? 60,000-?75,000

Image result for malaysia honeymoon

Image result for malaysia

Image result for malaysia

Image result for malaysia

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4. Singapore
Singapore with the rate at which it is developing has become a very cosmopolitan country. It is influenced by both western trends and eastern tradition equally. Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam are all manifestations of the Eastern influence. There are also several gardens and bays you can spend an entire day strolling. It also has a very active nightlife for all you party-lovers.

Price Range for a 5-day stay – ? 90,000 – ?1,00,000

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Image result for singapore

Image result for singapore

Image result for singapore

Image result for singapore

5. Vietnam
While Vietnam does offer some adventure sports and other activities, it is popular for its national parks and World Heritage Sites. It is home to 31 national parks and has many opportunities for trekking or even a simple stroll. It offers luxury and extravagance at affordable rates and is suitable for lazy travellers who wish to relax and admire the scenery around.

Price Range for a 5-day stay – ? 60,000 – ? 75,000

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Image result for vietnam

Image result for vietnam

Image result for vietnam

Image result for vietnam

Whatsapp Invites for your wedding

Technology has invaded every domain of our lives and has changed the ways in which everything is done. Gone were the days, when we used to visit people’s  house to invite them or send them invites via post. Nowadays, we can send invites to our faraway kiths and kins by just a tap on the screen, but it’s not that simple as it’s your wedding and you want everything to be perfect, be it a WhatsApp invite. So below are some ideas for an impressive WhatsApp invite.

  • Memes as an invitation – If you are a humorous kind of person, with a bold personality you can create an invitation for your wedding in the form of some meme. Something as below, but remember this will go well only in your close circle of friends.

  • Create a beautiful caricature – Invitation in the form of an image with both your caricatures and a catchy line is an impressive option and can be sent to a wide variety of friends and relatives  as it contains the right amount of informality.


  • Movie poster wedding invitation – Ever fantasized your wedding to be like a movie? Yes, you can ask your photographer to turn one of your pre-wedding pictures into a movie poster look invitation.


  • Video invite– Yes, you can’t be there to invite them personally, but you can add a personal touch by shooting a video in which you invite your special ones and send it along with plain text or an image.


  • Plain text –Invitation in plain text is a simple yet easy way to invite. Put your writing skills to test or take help from someone who writes well. Create once and forward to all.


Hope you like the above ideas. If you have any other awesome idea, we at ShaadiSmart would love to know them. So do share, and let us know your comments and queries.


kinky gift ideas for your friends’ wedding!


(Before you start reading this article, please note that the below content is not suitable for teens and children. Only for age 18+)

It’s your BFF’s wedding coming up and you are up for as kinky as possible gifts. If you are opting for condom packs, feather lingerie or handcuffs, let us apologize to you for saying this “Not saucy enough”. Those ideas are from our parents’ generation, and sweetheart, wake up its 2018. For your friend who is raunchier than a C-grade flick, you need to run your horses way beyond condom packs.

Here is what you can gift your BFF on their wedding:

Edible panties

“What? Do they exist?” yeah that was my reaction too when I heard about them for the first time. So yeah, they do exist and in many flavors. That will be like killing two birds with an arrow, satisfy the taste buds while increasing the testosterone and estrogen level.

Kegel balls

Oh, come on! I don’t have to remind you of fifty shades of grey. Those grey metal balls were such a turning on things even when on screen, gift these to your BFF and let him feel what Mr. Grey felt.

Glow in dark condom

Give your best friend protection, not the normal one. Glow in dark cover for your best friend’s sword. Oh no! Not to scare his wife (come on! Your friend’s sword can’t scare someone…. Would that? *wink wink* ) but to surprise her.

Sex board game

Sex Board games, the name itself is so kinky. Gift this to your BFF to play with his/her partner. Damn, they are going to have fun performing raunchy foreplay on each other.

Silicon vibrating ring

Yeah we know he is getting married and he will have a wife for everything, but what about when she is off to her mommy’s place? That’s right, this ring will come handy then. This ring can give the pleasure for up to 40 minutes (yeah right, like your friend could last that long) 😉

Dice game

For this, your friend just has to throw the dice and see what he has to do. In this game there are two dice, one decides the position and another decide the duration. All your friend has to do is follow what’s on the dice.

Horny gift set

Best friends are literally like our human diaries. I am sure your friend must have told you about their level of horniness *wink*. Gift your friend a bell to ring to call their partner whenever they are horny.

Chocolate body paint

Let your friend show their artistic skill on their partner’s body. Damn, what an attack of the hormone that would be when their partner is going to lick the paint off.

yeah that’s right I just made your work easy… you can find stuff on these sites. 😉
yeah that’s right I just made your work easy… you can find stuff on these sites. 😉

Car decoration ideas

Weddings are all about grandeur and style. This extends to even the rides in which the couple bid adieu. A well-decorated car ensures the spotlight remains on the bride and groom even as they depart from the wedding. However, a balance must be struck to ensure that the decoration doesn’t look too flashy or tacky in the name of style. Here are a few car decoration ideas.

Floral decorations

This is the most common and effective car decoration idea. While in yesteryears, people stuck to using a single variety of flowers and minimalistic designs, at present, an assortment of flora is used. This doesn’t just make the vehicle look bright and colourful but also symbolic of the journey the newly-wed couple is about to embark on.

Previously, using many colours was frowned upon but now the people have managed to make beauty out of a medley of colours and textures.

Related image

Ribbons, Sashes, and Bows

Ribbons are used far less often or along with floral decorations but never exclusively. However, some people choose to decorate using only ribbons. The advantage with ribbons is – not only does it stick easily to the surface of a car but they are also available in whatever colour and print you desire. Unlike flowers, they don’t spoil either. They also allow for more flexibility and creativity with the design.

Image result for car decoration for wedding

Temporary Car Paint

Painting or drawing a pleasing pattern is the easiest way to decorate. There are professionals present who have temporary paint and the required artistic skills to decorate your car for D day. Paint is preferred as you can have any design painted on your car. If it is a theme wedding, you can even paint the design or pattern used throughout the wedding as per the theme. Unlike ribbons or flowers, it doesn’t need to be stuck on the surface.

Related image

Minimalistic Side Sashes

These are apt for people who like simple and calm designs and aren’t much for decorations. These sashes can be made using any of the above materials – paint, fabric or flowers. These decorations even work if you want to show off your car and not let the decorations take all the attention.

Image result for car decoration weddings

Image result for car decoration using paint for weddings

Blend different styles

People seldom use just flowers or paint to decorate their care. Often they use at least two if not all of the above items. This is because each of the things has an advantage of its own and contributes to the overall look of the final decorated car.

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Hashtags For your Wedding

With the onset of social media and the feeling of compulsion to share everything with all your acquaintances, coming up with a nice hashtag is almost a necessity. It makes people feel more involved in your wedding and instils excitement well before the actual wedding. Here are some hashtag ideas you can try.

Portmanteau of the Couples names

This is the most common hashtag used. Recently it was #Virushka that gained popularity as two very famous personalities from the field of cricket and acting got married in Italy. This portmanteau ends up becoming an easy and personal way to address the couple in the future. Many a time this blend of the two names becomes an existing word with a beautiful meaning in itself.

Image result for wedding hashtags

The Couple’s Story

Some couples met in school or college, while others fell in love after having their marriage arranged by their families. Other couples met up over coffee or developed a relationship over other interests.  Nevertheless, each couple has their own story and if it can be told in 5 words or less makes for a cool hashtag. #LoveInTimesOfEngineering is an apt hashtag for a couple who met while doing engineering.

Image result for wedding hashtags india

Keeping Up with the Theme

As Love Marriages are becoming more and more acceptable, more couples have built a relationship based on common interests. This has made themed weddings popular. Thus, you hashtag could reflect your wedding theme. While this is an extension of the previous idea, it is more specific to the wedding celebrations. #WeddingIsComing can be a good hashtag idea for a GoT themed wedding.

Related image

Incorporate Wit and Humour

If both the bride and groom have a common name it is likely they have a hard time coming up with unique hashtags. Even otherwise an effective hashtag is always a task to arrive at. An easy way to do this is by incorporating wit, puns or even an inside joke in the hashtag. This doesn’t just make it catchy but also makes it memorable well after the wedding.

Related image

Go Bollywood

About 90% of the movies churned out each year surround the topic of love. While they may not have great stories, they have a creative set of titles, song lyrics, and even dialogues. Each couple can tweak this as per their names and interests. #CollegeNeBanaDiJodi is a nice hashtag for a couple who met at college.

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Bridal Hairstyles

Women love their hair. Even a cheap haircut gone slightly wrong results in numerous sleepless nights and several failed attempts at diverting attention from the remotely possible hair-raising catastrophe.

This attitude just amplifies as a bride is preparing for her wedding. They want to look their best on the D-day, whilst guarding their unique sense of style. Here are some hairstyles contemporary Brides can experiment with.

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Weight Loss Tips For Brides

Being a bride, as silly as it sounds, is not an easy job. It is the brides who face the pressure of looking good more than the groom. It is on her attire that more money and time is spent. The stunning actresses of our country have set super high standards of what looking good means. This is why all brides feel the need to lose weight for their big day. Whatever your weight loss goal, try starting at least 3 months in advance and have patience and discipline.

Losing weight is a challenge on normal days but even more so when you’re approaching your wedding. You don’t have any set time every day that you can fix for an intense workout. Thus, your weight loss plan should form a part of your routine.

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Day vs night wedding!

One of my friends is getting married. The couple has such an amazing understanding that I am in awe of them. So far they have decided everything with mutual understanding. The only thing they can’t be on the same page is the timing of the wedding. She wants a day wedding and her fiancée wants night wedding. They both had their pros and cons of their choices. It stuck me, sooo many of you might also be arguing about the same thing. Here we are going to list the pros and cons of both day wedding as well as night wedding.

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