Make most of this Valentine’s day!

Did you know the origin of valentine day is dark, bloody and a bit muddled? Yes, that’s right. From 13-15 February the Romans would celebrate the feast of Lupercalia. According to Noel Lenski, in this feast there would be matchmaking lottery, young men drew the name of women from a jar. They would be coupled up for the duration of the festival or longer.

Emperor Claudius II executed two men, both named Valentine on February 14, of different years. They were honored by the Catholic church with the celebration of St.Valentine’s day. Pope Glasius I muddled things by combining St. Valentine’s day with Lupercalia feast to expel the pagan ritual. As the years went on, the day grew sweeter. Shakespeare romanticized it in his work. And now we celebrate is as love day. Let me remind you this day can be celebrated with anyone you love, be it your father, mother or anyone from your family. Now the question arises how to make most of this beautiful day? Let us help you with that.

Celebrate With family

How about celebrating this day with your first love? For this, you don’t even need to put a lot of efforts. A simple lunch or dinner date with mommy and daddy in a restaurant will be enough to show how much you love them. They don’t expect much from us on this day, a rose will also put a smile on their faces for the whole day. You can also get something for mommy. Or you can just take over household work for a day, after all even she needs a day off. Which other day would be better than this?

Celebrate with your better half

make most of the romantic day of the year, valentine’s day!

Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially on valentine’s day? I would die for the person who is going to surprise me with all the decoration in the room, and the whole day planned in advance. I am sure your better half would love that too. Let us help you with the ideas.

  • Decorate the room

Or the whole house if you are the only couple living in the house. Decorate it with heart-shaped balloons. If you don’t want it that cheesy go for the combination of golden and black balloons. Do it in his/her absence. Better when he/she is asleep. Who doesn’t want to wake up in their dream world?

  • Breakfast on bed

Serve his/her favourite breakfast on bed. But before that give him/her that beautiful rose you have been hiding all this while.

  • Basket of gifts

Gifts are the best thing to show your love. Especially when the gifts have been thoughtfully selected. Don’t just give anything you feel like. Give what they need the most, or maybe something they really wanted to buy for themselves. or may be something kinky 😉

  • Go ice skating

Movies and malls are too mainstream. Choose something different. For example ice skating. Personally, I feel this is an adventurous, fun-filled and most romantic sport. Laughing and helping each other when other person falls, oh! So romantic.

  • DIY gifts, together

Play a game of DIY gifts. All you have to do is make gifts for each other in a limited time period. Whoever does first will win. And other person will have to cook dinner 😉

  • Be tourist in your own town


This is Fun! Really!!! Explore your own town together. Be a tourist couple. Take as many pictures as you can. Eat on streets. Rent a cycle and be a stranger to your own town. Just enjoy with your other half.

  • Fuggedaboutit

Let me make it easy, “forget about it”. Keep your daily routine, no one is going to judge you. I know many couples who avoid all valentine’s day hoopla. As they say, if you have love any day can be valentine’s day.

Pamper Yourself

Well, let’s say this one is for single people. And also for people staying away from home. Come on, this day is for everyone. You also have all the right to celebrate it. Take a day off, go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dish. Go shopping, buy that dress on which you have been drooling over since ages. And at night, go clubbing with your other single friends. Because we know all the committed friends would be busy with their loved ones.

Make your long distance lover feel loved

Oh! How much you want to cross all the oceans to be with the one person you love. Being in the present situation, that’s not possible. But nothing is stopping your love to reach him/her. The Internet has made everything just clicks away. Order his/her favorite cake, with few other romantic gifts e.g. the dress she wanted to buy for a long time or gym kit he has been delaying to buy. Make sure you have same cake with you, celebrate your love through a screen, together.

Propose him/her again!

Go on your knees, take that velvet box out, and pop the most awaited question. Will you marry me? Oh, wait! What did you think I’ll ask you to propose him/her to be your girlfriend/ boyfriend. Isn’t he/she already? Have the courage to do what you have been waiting to do. That’s exactly what you really wanted since starting.

Cook for her

This I think will be the best surprise you can give her. If you are living in a relationship or married you almost forget, she needs to be reminded that you love her. Valentine’s day is especially for people who keep forgetting this. And what else is better than cooking for her? “pati k pyar ka rasta pet se hokr guzarta hai” this has turned out to be true and vice- versa also.


Let me remind you, you don’t have to keep this list for valentine’s day. You don’t need a specific day to show your love. Show your love to your loved ones whenever you feel like.

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