How to spice up your wedding night?

Wedding night ? the sound of it only invokes me with excitement and blush, I am sure it does the same for you too. Come on, we all have dreamt about it, not only while sleeping but also wide awake. Would be groom and would be bride wants their wedding night to be as perfect as possible. This is the night which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

While the bride wants it look like totally out of Yash Raj’s films, the groom’s dreams are the mixture of Katrina kaif and Sunny Leone. You will agree with me if I say “wedding night is the magical night”. You are religiously, legally and respectably allowed to be together in the same room and no one can object to that, so of course, it’s your right to make it more special and memorable. We have some ideas which will make your wedding night more memorable.

1-    Music

First thing first, How can this night be complete without music. Play some soft music in background. Then think of something else.

2-    Decorate the room

The wedding venue was decorated so why not your room too. Start your beautiful life in a Beautiful room.

3-    Don’t keep fantasizing it.

If you keep fantasizing and reality doesn’t turn out to be as you expected it to be, it will leave a mark on your memories. So keep your fantasies real.

4-    Open gifts together   

Well to Break the ice you can open the gifts which your guests gave you. This way you will start to feel comfortable around each other. And you will have so much to talk about the gifts. Just a way to be comfortable with each other.

5-    Champagne!

This one is for ‘not so typical bride’. Share a cigarette or a glass of champagne. People start to talk on a glass of champagne. But for this, you need to know other person is comfortable with this or not. But this doesn’t mean you have to get drunk, just a glass will be fine.

6-   A Surprise Gift!

Give each other gifts. Something special. Just a reminder of this beautiful night. This will surely get your spouse going. According to a research, surprises play immense role in a marriage. Be creative, gift him/her something that was never expected.

7-    Do not remove your wedding dress yourself

Let him do that for you ?. After all, it was him that you had put so many efforts for.

8-    Don’t jump for sex

It’s your first night, break the ice first. For that, you can talk to each other or simply complement each other. Jumping straight to action doesn’t leave anything to remember. You have rest of your life to do that. But this night is special. Some people don’t even prefer physical intimacy at first night and it’s normal.

9-    Cuddle 

As mentioned already, don’t jump to action. Take the cuddle route.

10-    Start from basic

How to spice up your wedding night?


You don’t want to create mess or make a fool out of yourself. This is your first night, so start with basic. Don’t just assume that she is a pro in first night. Know your way with each other. Ask if she is comfortable with what you are doing. Don’t make it only “your” night. It’s both of yours.


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