How to make your spouse comfortable after your hectic wedding?

Its finally done. The wedding for which you and your partner had been planning for months, possibly even a year. And it turned out as you wanted it to be. But the process of planning and making it possible, was so damn hectic. It was so hectic that you wanted to elope with your partner, Leaving all the chaos behind.

Maybe you had your friends and family to help you with everything. But come on, it was your big day. And we cannot even imagine what might have been2 going on In your mind. Let me tell you, it wasn’t only you who was going through all that. You partner, yes he/she was going through the same. Here are some tips to comfort your partner after your hectic wedding.

Of course honeymoon

The first thing you need after your hectic wedding is a getaway. You wanted to elope to get away from all the chaos. Honeymoon is the perfect excuse. Don’t delay going for your honeymoon. All the other work can wait. But this is what your partner and you need the most.


If you were not able to go for your honeymoon right away. Giving massage is the best idea to make your partner relax. Open your personal spa, just for each other. For that, you can take internet’s help.

Put an end to each other’s past

Discus your past, and put an end to it. You both had your share of past its better to tell each other before you get to know it from other sources. This will build trust with each other and you will be more comfortable with your partner.

Give Yourself some Family Time

Don’t expect your better half to get involved with your family like he/she was born for that. Give him/her time to get comfortable with you first.

Be there for her

Yeah, you have a lot of work piled up. But be there for her. She left her family to live with you. So give her as much time as possible. Don’t leave her alone at home.

Promise each other

Promise and keep that promise to be there for each other.

Help each other with household

Don’t leave the responsibility on one person. In starting it is difficult to settle in a new home. Therefore, help your partner settling. Don’t just expect they will do it themselves. You had a hectic wedding. Now it’s time to make things easy for each other.

Be there for each other. Your presence is the only comforting thing to take away all the tension. Give your spouse what she wants and then see the magic!

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