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With the onset of social media and the feeling of compulsion to share everything with all your acquaintances, coming up with a nice hashtag is almost a necessity. It makes people feel more involved in your wedding and instils excitement well before the actual wedding. Here are some hashtag ideas you can try.

Portmanteau of the Couples names

This is the most common hashtag used. Recently it was #Virushka that gained popularity as two very famous personalities from the field of cricket and acting got married in Italy. This portmanteau ends up becoming an easy and personal way to address the couple in the future. Many a time this blend of the two names becomes an existing word with a beautiful meaning in itself.

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The Couple’s Story

Some couples met in school or college, while others fell in love after having their marriage arranged by their families. Other couples met up over coffee or developed a relationship over other interests.  Nevertheless, each couple has their own story and if it can be told in 5 words or less makes for a cool hashtag. #LoveInTimesOfEngineering is an apt hashtag for a couple who met while doing engineering.

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Keeping Up with the Theme

As Love Marriages are becoming more and more acceptable, more couples have built a relationship based on common interests. This has made themed weddings popular. Thus, you hashtag could reflect your wedding theme. While this is an extension of the previous idea, it is more specific to the wedding celebrations. #WeddingIsComing can be a good hashtag idea for a GoT themed wedding.

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Incorporate Wit and Humour

If both the bride and groom have a common name it is likely they have a hard time coming up with unique hashtags. Even otherwise an effective hashtag is always a task to arrive at. An easy way to do this is by incorporating wit, puns or even an inside joke in the hashtag. This doesn’t just make it catchy but also makes it memorable well after the wedding.

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Go Bollywood

About 90% of the movies churned out each year surround the topic of love. While they may not have great stories, they have a creative set of titles, song lyrics, and even dialogues. Each couple can tweak this as per their names and interests. #CollegeNeBanaDiJodi is a nice hashtag for a couple who met at college.

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