Footwear Trends For The Groom

Many men claim that their wedding day was the first time they put a tonne of effort into looking “well-groomed”. Mindless efforts are often fruitless, it is important that you also have a good idea of where you’re headed and the kind of look you are aiming for.

Here’s our list of recommended Footwear the groom can opt for on his big day:

  1. Juttis

Also called Mojaris or Nagras are the most commonly worn traditional footwear by men on occasions that demand an ethnic attire. While in recent years the trend was western clothing and styles, off late it is shifting back to more indigenous styles. Even big brands are manufacturing classy yet colourful Juttis that match your sherwani, dhoti, or anything else you opt for. You can also buy a pair that goes with most ethnic outfits if you’re the minimalist kind.

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2. Sandals

Like Juttis, these have several varieties and are available in many colours. Whats more? They’re super comfortable whilst still completing the traditional look. Sandals are also practical for daily wear and help you walk around easily. While most sandals are simple there are some brands that sell grand sandals specially made for weddings.

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3. Moccasins

Yet another option for those who prize comfort over style. They are apt if the wedding is likely occurring during the winter months. Most moccasins are made for daily wear or formal occasions, nevertheless, they can easily be paired with traditional attire and complete the whole elegant groom look.

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4. Shoes

This is the laziest option to go for but it works. It especially looks good if you will be wearing a sherwani. Basically, shoes look good with any bottom that isn’t too flared or puffy. The common choice is black shoes, but most Indian wedding attire is available in shades of cream, off-white, maroon, and brown. hence, the suggested colour is brown. Also, brown gives off a more Indian look as opposed to shiny black.

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Whatever your choice, make sure it is something you’re comfortable moving around in. Ethnic and traditional footwear is preferred over western. Buy something you can easily team up with different attires on many other occasions.

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