Day vs night wedding!

One of my friends is getting married. The couple has such an amazing understanding that I am in awe of them. So far they have decided everything with mutual understanding. The only thing they can’t be on the same page is the timing of the wedding. She wants a day wedding and her fiancée wants night wedding. They both had their pros and cons of their choices. It stuck me, sooo many of you might also be arguing about the same thing. Here we are going to list the pros and cons of both day wedding as well as night wedding.


Day wedding

  • Picture perfect

These days weddings are all about pictures. Everyone wants to upload perfect pictures on their social media. Day wedding provides us with just that. Perfect light for perfect photography.

  • More time for enjoyment

When it’s a day wedding, all the ceremonies start by 11 or 12 am. Once everyone is done with their makeup and dresses, rest of the time is left for enjoyment. All the dancing and drinking can extend till night.

  • Less electricity bill

You don’t need much light even when it’s an indoor wedding. Therefore, less digits on your electricity bill.

  • Less expense on drinks

Lots of people prefer not to drink at daytime. Now don’t ask me why, because even I don’t know why. Less consumption of alcohol = more saving.

P.S – valid only on your guest’s preference. Don’t exclude the alcohol altogether.

  • Less tiring

Early to rise, early to bed. That’s right as the function starts early, it ends early. Therefore, you will have time to rest at night.

Night wedding

  • Sparkly venue with candles and artificial lights

Night weddings have their own charm. The venue shines like stars in the sky. The decoration is more about lights and oh!  So beautiful.

  • Works for office goers

Done with all the office work and daily chores, people prefer to attend night weddings. Night wedding doesn’t let them miss their work.

  • Plenty of time for bride to get ready

Every bride needs a minimum of 4 hours to get ready. If it’s a night wedding she can start getting ready by afternoon.

  • Fireworks

No one has ever enjoyed firework in day wedding & let me tell you everyone is fascinated by the firework.

  • More drinks more fun

You don’t want a dry wedding, do you? Drinks at night are much more fun and mostly people prefer to drink at night. And come on, you will also enjoy the wedding more when everyone around is happy and high.


Day wedding

  • Can be sweaty

If it’s not a winter or autumn wedding, it can turn into a real mess. Don’t even ask about outdoor day wedding.

  • Less time for bride to get ready

As the function starts early bride has less time to spend in the parlour.

  • Guests missing on office

All your office goer guests have to take a leave to attend your wedding if it’s not on the weekend. There is a probability because of work they will end up missing your wedding.

  • Limited Choice of clothes

In a sparkly light at night, everything looks good. But when it’s a day wedding you need to pay extra attention on selecting your dress colour.

Night wedding

  • Expensive

Night weddings have always been expensive. There will be huge electricity bill, alcohol consumption is more, and a lot many other things.

  • Blackout

Due to an electrical malfunction, the whole venue can black out. You need to be extra careful about electricity.

  • Cranky kids

Disturbance in the schedule of the kids, they become really cranky. In return, they don’t let their parents enjoy the function.

  • Tiring

Due to soooo many rituals in our Indian wedding, the function extends till morning. It becomes really tiresome.

Ok, now even I am confused which one is better.  Keeping aside all the pros and cons, I like night weddings more.  It’s your call, night wedding or day wedding. Do it because you want it.

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