Chintu & Neetu & their Forever

We keep hearing love stories where best friend turns lover these days. Do you know this is not something new.  History is witness of best friends/confidant turning into lovers and making a forever love story.

We are talking about Kapoor clan’s chocolate boy. Oh! No no no not Ranbir Kapoor, we are talking about his daddy cool. Yup, chocolate boy of his time, Rishi Kapoor and most sought after heroin Neetu Singh were each other’s confidant before they turned each other’s better halves.

Neetu Singh started dating Chintu (Rishi Kapoor) when she was just 14 years old (now I know where I got the courage from ;)). Neetu Singh was taking baby steps in the industry whereas Rishi Kapoor was already an established actor. They came together on-screen for the film “ Zehreela insaan” in 1974.

It was “not” love at first sight for them. In fact, Chintu, being Chintu, used to tease Neetu so much so that he would smear kajal on her face just after she finishes her makeup. Yup, that’s what best friends do and we still love them.

Their moment of realization came when Rishi Kapoor went abroad for the shooting of “Barood”. Before that, he was shooting with Neetu for “Kabhi Kabhi” . Within 2-3 days of his shooting, he sent her a telegram reading “ye sikhni badi yaad aati hai”. Fir kya, our Chintu found the love of his life.

Neetu’s mom wasn’t happy with their growing closeness as her daughter was just 14 years old and Neetu had just started her carrier. This was also the reason why they were also the reason why they were always accompanied by Neetu’s cousin on their dates.

But we all know Chintu ji won’t have let his dates be spoiled by “kawab mey haddi”. He dropped off Neetu’s cousin midway and picked him up on their way return…. Ahen smart move Chintu ji.

Their engagement was a surprise to them also. Rishi’s sister planned their engagement without them having any hint about it. Neetu had to be calmed down by a glass of bubbly drink offered by her best friend cum lover cum husband.

Rishi and Neetu tied the knot on 22nd Jan 1980 after 5 years of courtship. They had their share of ups and downs but they still stand strong and gave us Ranbir ;).

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