Band or DJ in my wedding?

It’s true that music has the power to make or break. If you have got excellently decorated venue and a poor music arrangement, all your efforts of making your grand day awesome are sheer waste. Therefore, music is the heart of any kind of ceremony or celebration. Try hiring someone who is extremely talented, and experienced artist for a Band or DJ.

Now must be thinking about how you can decide what goes well for a wedding? To get the answer, you must ask yourself what kind of entertainment gets along with your taste? What budget you have in your mind? How big is the space for this kind of entertainment? And many more. Can’t decide what kind of music you must have for your wedding? Not an issue! Shaadismart has got the inside out of DJs and Bands for you to select the best option for your day.

Things you must consider:

1. You must select a music that builds up good vibes i.e. setting the tone of your wedding theme. Also consider what kind of musical genres reflects accurately according to your personalities and attracts the crowd to fall in love with the ambience.

2. There needs to be some kind of variety so that the ceremony doesn’t have a flat tone. Whether you are selecting a DJ or a live band, ensure to play all kinds of song right from fast to slow and new to old, so that all different kinds of guest are engaged throughout the function.

3. The pricing play another important role as you must work according to your budget. DJs are usually not much expensive, but the prices might fluctuate depending on equipment requests. On the contrary, a 12-piece band will ideally cost more than a DJ, since you will have to pay more to the number of people.



It’s going to be live and your guest will enjoy the performance happening live. The excitement can be further boosted according to the requirement.


Slightly expensive than DJs.



Dozens of your favorite track will be played at your wedding.

Comparatively less expensive than bands.


Any kind of improvisation can be difficult for the player to make.


We, at Shaadismart would suggest each one of you to see the talent and work before hiring any kind of band or a DJ and just in case it’s not possible, ask for the playlist.

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