Chintu & Neetu & their Forever

We keep hearing love stories where best friend turns lover these days. Do you know this is not something new.  History is witness of best friends/confidant turning into lovers and making a forever love story.

We are talking about Kapoor clan’s chocolate boy. Oh! No no no not Ranbir Kapoor, we are talking about his daddy cool. Yup, chocolate boy of his time, Rishi Kapoor and most sought after heroin Neetu Singh were each other’s confidant before they turned each other’s better halves.

Neetu Singh started dating Chintu (Rishi Kapoor) when she was just 14 years old (now I know where I got the courage from ;)). Neetu Singh was taking baby steps in the industry whereas Rishi Kapoor was already an established actor. They came together on-screen for the film “ Zehreela insaan” in 1974.

It was “not” love at first sight for them. In fact, Chintu, being Chintu, used to tease Neetu so much so that he would smear kajal on her face just after she finishes her makeup. Yup, that’s what best friends do and we still love them.

Their moment of realization came when Rishi Kapoor went abroad for the shooting of “Barood”. Before that, he was shooting with Neetu for “Kabhi Kabhi” . Within 2-3 days of his shooting, he sent her a telegram reading “ye sikhni badi yaad aati hai”. Fir kya, our Chintu found the love of his life.

Neetu’s mom wasn’t happy with their growing closeness as her daughter was just 14 years old and Neetu had just started her carrier. This was also the reason why they were also the reason why they were always accompanied by Neetu’s cousin on their dates.

But we all know Chintu ji won’t have let his dates be spoiled by “kawab mey haddi”. He dropped off Neetu’s cousin midway and picked him up on their way return…. Ahen smart move Chintu ji.

Their engagement was a surprise to them also. Rishi’s sister planned their engagement without them having any hint about it. Neetu had to be calmed down by a glass of bubbly drink offered by her best friend cum lover cum husband.

Rishi and Neetu tied the knot on 22nd Jan 1980 after 5 years of courtship. They had their share of ups and downs but they still stand strong and gave us Ranbir ;).

Vivid Love Story of Sunil Dutt and Nargis

A love story so vivid that can make any literature or cinema look drab.

Image result for sunil and nargis dutt wedding

The story of Sunil Dutt and Baby Nargis.

It was in mid 1950s when Sunil met his long time crush on the set of “ Do Bigha Zameen” .

I guess it was a trend back then for girl to already be an established actress and for boy to be a struggler when cupid had to aim them. This was same for Nargis and Sunil Dutt as well. Baby Nargis was already shining bright whereas Sunil was still struggling to establish himself when he was aimed by cupid. But he did not rush to tell this to Nargis as she was already a star and there were rumours of Nargis and Raj Kapoor to be in a relationship.

Image result for raj kapoor and nargis dutt

Sunil decided to keep calm and wait for his time. I guess he knew universe has already planned their union. It was on the set of “Mother India” when Nargis got trapped in a wild fire while shooting. Sunil Dutt, like a real hero, jumped to save her  and got himself burnt. This is when Baby Nargis fell in love with him.


For almost two weeks, until Sunil Dutt fully recovered, she was by his side and took care of him. This was the time period when the closeness between them increased. And they both fell in love with each other.

Sunil Dutt did not let her past effect their relation. In fact, he behaved as if Baby Nargis never had any past relation. They were so close to each other that Nargis could easily talk to him about her past with Raj Kapoor and future with Sunil Dutt without the fear of getting herself exposed.

“Sunil’s shoulder were always there for me to cry on, and also knew that his garments will absorb my tears and not scatter them out for people to make fun of me” – Nargis Dutt.


Who would not want to marry a person as loyal as Sunil Dutt. I am definitely not going to leave a person like that.

Sunil and Nargis got married secretly on 11 march 1958. As Nargis was playing his mother’s role in the movie “Mother India” which did not allow them to be open about their relation. Once the movie was released they gave an official reception and moved in together. It was one of the high class marriage of inter religion. Baby Nargis converted herself into hindu to be with him.


They lived a life full of love. Nargis Dutt passed away due to pancreatic cancer just three days before the release of her son’s debut film.

Sunil Dutt also passed away on 25th may 2005. But he left Sanjay Dutt, Namrata Dutt and Priya Dutt to carry on his legacy.

The Adorable Story Veeru & Dhanno!

On 21st August 1979, after breaking all the norms and fighting the world Bollywood’s dream girl (Hema Malini) tied the knots with the hunk Veeru ( Dharmendra). It was on the set of “ tum haseen main jaavan” in 1970 when macho Veeru and cinema’s dream girl fell in love with each other.

It was the time when Hema had already rejected many proposals such as Jeetendra and Sanjeev kumar’s. On the another hand Dharmendra was already married to Prakash kaur and had two sons, but nothing could stop him from falling in love with sita and geeta.

Their’s wasn’t an easy love story. It was as dramatic and as masaledaar as any of our Bollywood movie. Dharmendra’s wife, Prakash Kaur, wasn’t divorce him and being a hindu he could not have two wives. Therefore he turned himself muslim to marry his dream girl.

Initially, even Hema did not reciprocate to Dharmendra’s proposal, as she did not want to get involved with a married man. But they kept signing movies together. While shooting and spending time together on movie set they got close to each other. Hema remember falling in love with Dharmendra, they were shooting for the song “ jat yamla pagla diwana” it was his funny dance moves which took dream girl’s heart away.


Once, Hema and Dharmendra was shooting separately in Nasik and Banglore. Dharmendra, from Banglore, drove for 24 hours all the way to Nasik only to tell Hema that he loves her. Damn it, why wasn’t I born in that era??

Hema’s parents were not at all happy with their growing closeness. They decided to get her married to Jeetendra and took her to Madras for marriage ceremony. But somehow Dharmendra got this news and flew to Madras to get his girl. Like a hero he is, he gate-crashed her wedding and somehow convinced his dream girl not to marry Jeetendra.

That must have a really serious situation for them, but now that I imagine the situation, it seems like a scene from a comedy movie… I am sure they both  laugh on the situation too. 😀 gate-crashing a wedding and stealing dulhaniya… hahaha


Now they are happily living together, blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Jaya Bhaduri’s Angry Young Man <3

Isn’t Amitabh Bachchan not only our parents’ favourite but ours too?

Even at the age of 75 he has the personality which can steal everyone’s heart. But the only person who stole his heart and never gave back is Jaya Bhaduri, his binddri.


mmm… there was Rekha too but Jaya ji had a stronger grip :B .


On june 3, 1973 Jaya Bhaduri stole Amitabh Bachchan’s surname to make her’s forever. A time tested couple as Amitabh and Jaya got married in a span of few days as Jaya’s lambuji wanted to take her on London trip but his parents said ‘NO’ to the trip with a girl before marriage. So, he took a bigger step and decided to get married to her in a private ceremony.


They took the flight to London on the same day of their marriage. Oh God! How romantic…. Those were the days…. <3


Jaya Bhaduri was already a star when Amitabh Bachchan saw Jaya ji first time on a cover of a magazine. But they were first introduced to each other officially by Hrshikesh Mukherjee for the movie ‘guddi’. Call it serendipity as Jaya ji matched all the features of his dream women.


But but but .. it was Jaya ji who realized it first that she has started to develop feeling for him.


It was on the set of “Ek nazar” when cupid stuck Amitabh ji too with Jaya’s arrow.

The royal couple of Bollywood tied the knots in an appartment of jaya bhaduri’s family friend at Malabar hill. Their wedding was blessed by their close friends & family.


Like everyone else their marriage was also hit by tsunami waves but they stood rock solid and crossed the ocean of hurdle and now they are on safe island.

We don’t wish anything but a life full of love, success and health for Big B & jaya ji.

Wedding Story of Dilip Kumar & Saira Banu

Has it ever occurred to you how your dad’s favourite actor or actresses got married?

Well, even if you haven’t or you don’t even want to, we are still going to take you back in time.

Let’s visit the days when Amitabh-jaya , sunil-nargis got married. Let’s visit the days of forever.


Image result for dilip kumar and saira banu

The first khan or the tragedy king (Mohammad yousuf khan) and Saira banu’s love story are amongst those very few love stories of Bollywood who have come across all the barriers and still stand strong.

Image result for dilip kumar and saira banu

Image result for dilip kumar and saira banu

22 years of age gap did not become a hurdle to make their marriage a forever affair. 50 years of togetherness and the couple is still head over heel in love for each other.

“I am still head over heels in love with my Kohinoor, yousuf sahib, the way I was when I first felt attracted to him as a 12 year-old. Ours has been as good and enduring a marriage as so many marriages that have survived the ups and downs for four decades. No marriage is perfect. How can it be, when as human being we are not perfect? It is mutual love, respect and adoration that keep a marriage ticking.”

Image result for dilip kumar and saira banu

Saira banu was just 12 years old when cupid stuck her for dilip kumar. She even lost her heart to Rajendra kumar. But no other man could take care of her heart as well as dilip kumar did.

Image result for dilip kumar and saira banu

They got married in 1966 when dilip kumar was 44 and saira banu was 22. He proposed to her when she was shooting for “ jhuk gaya aasmaan”, he said “ Saira, you are not the kind of girl I want to drive with or be seen around with… I would like to marry you… will you be my wife?”. Damn I will be flying high if someone proposes me like that in todays “only dating” world.

Related image

Oh god! I was supposed to write about their wedding day, but their love saga took me on another path. And I guess their love story is much more riveting than their wedding day.

Classy to Dhinchak – Couple Entry Songs from 2018

Be it Roka or Main Wedding day, if you have plans to enter together, then definitely all eyes are going to be on you the moment you enter! So, now you understand why you need that to be perfect?

For that flawless couple entry, you need to have your own song. Here we have the list of latest songs for your grand entry. No , its not those songs who have their one foot in the grave. We have perfect and latest song for your once in a life time entry. Check them out…


Image result for oh humsafar the song

A soulful song for your “officially” uniting souls. This song by Neha Kakkar is for you. Beacause you are soully and wholly in love with each other.


Related image

Dance your way towards the stage on the tapping number. Who, other than Javed Akhter, is better to pen down your feelings for each other.


Image result for o saathi tere bina

“o sathi, tere bina…” isn’t this perfect to describe how desperately you have been waiting fo each other. Enter together while A.P Mukherjee unfold your feelings.


Image result for ek dil hai ek jaan hai

A royal song for royal couple. The ultimate decleration of love. Can anyother words explain your love better than this? I doubt.


Image result for dil diya galla

For the cutest much in love duo. Walk your way through while stealing the glance at each other.


Image result for na ja na ja the song

A dance number for duo, who have two left feet. And come on who can resist a Punjabi number. Make your guests groove at the same time.


Image result for tareefa the song

What do girls love most??.. ofcourse tareef 😀  . “baby mera mind tu kre blow…” make her fall in love with you, more than she already is.


Image result for lakh mera hit

Dint you want to get up in the theatre and dance your heart out when heard this song? Yeeeaahh I know public etiquettes. But who is stoping you now? And what better occasion than this?

Now that we are talking about latest songs, you can select any from the list above for the entry, but for your bidai there is nothing that can beat “Dilbaro” from Raazi.

Honeymoon destination for 2018

After immersion from wedding chaos, it’s finally time to go for your most awaited and dreamt about  honeymoon. It’s very important to decide the place before the wedding. But if you haven’t, no worries, Shaadismart is here to help you select your alone time with your spouse.

  • Bali

This Indonesian island is home for Indonesian’s Hindu minority. Surrounded by beaches. This province does not only have the ball but also other smaller neighbouring islands. You see, you have hell lot of beaches to show off those sexy lingeries. ?

  • Greece

The cradle of Western Civilization. One of the most beautiful historical country of southern-east Europe. And of course it is has been the location of so many movies. Tell me why won’t anyone want to go to a place which they saw on the screen of their TV.

  • Prague

“The city of hundred spires”. Prague capital city of Czech Republic. The sites of Prague are breath taking , lying between nostalgia and modernization. It’s famous landmark are St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles bridge, Prague castle and the list is long. You are never going to be disappointed in choosing Prague.

  • Scotland

A country in UK. Scotland is a land of mountain wilderness. Scotland comprises of majestic castle and breath-taking landscape perfect place for your adorning honeymoon.

  • Venice

The capital of Italy’s Veneto region. “ Wow! What a beautiful place.” Wasn’t that your first sentence when you saw Ranbir and Deepika in “ Khuda Jaane” song. Why not go there and sing the song yourself.

Best Mehandi Artists in Mumbai

In Mumbai, it’s hard to get away from style and fashion. Mumbai is famous for its larger than life celebrations, whether it is a festival or wedding. And mehndi is part of almost all the occasions. Our ladies love decking up with the art of mehndi. Here we have brought you few professional mehndi artists from Mumbai, to deck you up for your big day.

  • Deepa Sharma mehndi artist

Price-7500 onwards

Bollywood’s favourite mehndi artist. From Amitabh to Genelia our Bollywood celebrities drool over her designs. Her beautiful mehndi designs were adorned on the hands of the most beautiful lady of B town, that’s right Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Get her beautiful mehndi designs on your beautiful hands for your wedding.

  • Raju mehndi artist

Price-7000 onward

With the experience of fifteen years, his designs are very unique and elegant. His patterns are Arabic, zardosi and our own Indian designs. Looking at his designs I felt like getting married 😀 .

  • Kamaljeet mehndi artist

Price- 7500 onwards

Kamaljeet is a professional mehndi artist. His award-winning mehndi designs are elegant, beautiful and very fine. The perfection in his can be seen in the above picture. Every stroke of his design is so beautifully done that I cant take my eyes off of his designs. Go get hold of him before he is booked by someone else.

  • Afreen mehndi artist

Price- 4500 onward

Established in the year 1991. Afreen is a resident of Andheri East. Specialised in bridal mehndi, her design is mixture of Arabic, Rajasthani, and Indian. The intricacy of her designs is going to make your hands and feet look admirable.

  • Saba mehndi artist

price-5000 onwards

Saba Shaikh has 9 years of experience in this field. She is specialist in bridal and floral designs. Her quality of mehndi is 100% natural, in which she adds nilgiri and clove oil to ensure dark colour.

  • Aksha shah mehndi designer

Price-7500 onwards

The owner of the above beautiful design is from south Mumbai. With the experience of over 7 years. Her constant innovation and creation of new designs are making her quite popular in this field. She is specialized in bridal, Dubai, Arabic, zardozi and traditional patterns.

Seeing all the beautiful designs, I feel,  I should get married so that I can have those beautiful designs on my hands. what are you delaying for? Go grab the artists to make your hands look beautiful on your big day.

10 necklace designs to make you a beautiful bride

Jewellery is an essential part of all the Indian bride’s trousseau. Every piece of jewelry has its own appeal. With diversity in our culture, there are thousands of designs depicting different culture. It becomes so difficult to select a perfect design. While you are busy buying lehnga and keeping up with parlor appointments, let us help you select the necklace for your wedding Or at least we can give you an idea.

1-    Kundan choker

Your wedding is incomplete without a kundan set around your neck. Instead of going for heavy kundan work, go for this elegant and classy necklace. This Choker style kundan necklace is good to go with any colour lehenga for any function. Be it sangeet, Mehandi, baraat, you can opt for this beautiful design.

2-    Gold with kundan

Kundan embedded in gold design with polka is good to go with your deep neck choli. This bold design makes the bride stand out of the crowed. And can be worn with any colour dress for your wedding.

3-    Goldy gold

We Indians are obsessed with gold jewellery. If you are ever stuck in “what to wear?” situation, you can always jump on golden jewellery. This awe-inspiring design has my eyes stuck.

4-    Mughal queen

Not only Mughals gave us Mughlai chicken but they also gave us a lot of other things to drool over. And one happens to be jewellery. This beautiful piece goes up till your stomach and makes you the site for eyes. Maroon moti beautifully placed in gold design is perfect to opt for your maroon lehenga.

5-    Satlada

Traditional satlada (seven layers) necklace covers your wish of wearing 2-3 necklaces. Pearl and polka work of this satlada is so eye catchy that guest will not be able to stop themselves from praising it.

6-    Pearl statement necklace

Pearls have always been my favourite. The intricacy of this design is making my mouth water. On a meshwork elegantly placed pearl and diamond are perfect to make you look ten times more beautiful.

7-    Kundanfied bride

So pretty! Layers of kundan. Rani colour stone in the center makes it exquisite. Five layers covering the blouse and three layers sticking around your neck is perfect for jewellery loving brides.

8-    Dazzling diamond

Layers of diamond around your neck are good to go with any dress on your wedding. Be it sangeet, barat, reception, you can opt for this necklace for any function. This necklace is good for affluent brides.

9-    Southern beauty

Layers of gold in southern style is cherry on the cake as we all know gold goes with all the colours. So hurry up, beautify this necklace around your neck.

10-    Intricate gold

3D flowers on a gold plate with the mixture of kundan work. This is a perfect design for your sangeet function.

What are you waiting for? There are hardly days left for your wedding, go grab these necklace.


Make the Groom go WOW on your Entry!

For months you have been preparing for your union. With a high spirit, you have arranged everything perfectly. From makeup to your lehenga and jewellery, everything is breathtaking. So, why should your entry be anything less than “oh! So grand”. Here we have some ideas for your grand entry.

Enter with your gang in a jeep

From sharing your tiffin in school to make you ready for your first date, you had their back. Why not enter with them in your new life. And of course TASHAN B)

Make your girl gang announce your entry on scooter

Your girl gang riding their scooters just ahead of your car. WOW! What an electrifying entry.

Steal his horse

Astonish the groom with you riding on horseback. I would love to see his mouth open 😉

Enter with flow of water

This will be a great idea if you are having your wedding close to a lake or close to any water body.

Make it dramatic with smoke bomb

This works well when you have an outdoor day wedding. Make your surrounding colourful and happy.

Sparkling affair

Light up the bride’s path with sparkle and firework. So dreamy and perfect after dark entry.

Ditch the flower chadar for flower umbrella

Your cousin also had the entry with flower chadar ? but you love flowers. Umbrellas decorated with flowers are the perfect substitute.

Put your niece to work

Aww! So cute. Niece carrying your entry sign.

Dance your way through

If you are someone who loves doing things in your own way, there cant be any better entry for you than this.

Get yourself carried in floral DOLI

Doli is my favorite. Making your entry in grand flower palki is sooo…………. I have no words.