10 Hindu Traditions to keep in mind after your Wedding

Hindu Wedding is deeply intensified with rich cultural traditions and rituals. There are a lot of pre-wedding and in-wedding traditions that are followed so as to name it as a perfect Hindu Marriage. There are various traditions to be kept in mind after your wedding.

Vidai(Departure of the bride)

Vidai ceremony can be termed as most emotional ceremonies for the family of the bride as she leaves her birth home to enter into a new family. Vidai is the departure of the bride from her birth home.

Wedding reception

Wedding Reception is basically a party thrown by the parents of the groom to shower blessings on the newly married couple and announces the arrival of a new member to their family. It is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Dwar Rokai

Dwar Rokai is an interesting post wedding traditions. It can also be carried on as an in-wedding tradition. It takes place at the groom’s house when he reaches his home with his wife. The couple is stopped at the entrance of the house and the sisters of the groom demand gifts in any form so as to allow them to enter the house.

Greh Pravesh(Entrance of the couple)

The new bride is welcomed at the gate by the mother-in-law with Aarti and Tilak. She is made to kick a pot full of rice and enters the house with her right foot first, as the first foot of the bride is considered as that of Goddess Laxmi.

Muh Dikhai

After the arrival of new bride to the new family, she is introduced with the family members in the form of a tradition where she gets blessings in the form of gifts by the family members. It is a long duration tradition which continues till every family member meets the bride for the first time.

Searching the Ring

It is a funny and interesting tradition where a ring is dropped in a pot filled with milky water and Rose petals. Bride and groom are asked to search for the ring. Whosoever gets the ring first is believed to dominate the entire life over other.

Untie the knots

Hindu tradition also includes having the couple untie each other knots. The knots are tied together at the wrist around the couple’s left or right hands by groom’s sister. Then the bride and groom have to work together to untie each knot using one hand each.

Aashirwaad Ceremony

It is a ceremony which takes place at the groom’s house after the wedding. The family and relatives of the bride visit the groom’s place to present the newlywed couple with gifts, fruits, blessings, jewellery etc. In turn, the newlywed couple takes the blessings by touching their feet.

Pag Phera Ceremony

It is a ceremony in which the bride is taken back to the her birth hoe by her brother where she stays almost for 3 days and then the groom takes her back to his house. It is believed that bride revisits the house to ensure the prosperity in the form of Goddess Laxmi to her parents’ home.

Rasoi Ghar Ceremony

In this ceremony, the bride cooks a sweet dish in her new kitchen for the first time and it is then tasted by in laws. Sweet Dish signifies the diffusion of sweetness all around.

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