10 Cool tips to impress your Mother-in-Law aka Sasu Ma

Marriage is undoubted, a turning point in one’s life. The ones having a love marriage are well acquainted with each other’s lifestyle and habits. Arranged marriages also happen after the ones who have to spend their whole life together are sure about their compatibility and  are comfortable with each other. But, the one thing which the  to-be-weds are apprehensive about are the in-laws, especially the bride about her mother in law. So here are some tips to impress your Mother-in-Law.

  • Go shop out with her – Someone has aptly remarked, “The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” Women are known to have a soft corner for shopping and in these moments of rejoice, who knows, the two of you can come closer.

  • Small gifts to show care- Who doesn’t like gifts, obviously all of us do. Gifting your Mother-in-Law small presents that show your love and consideration for her will do wonders to improve your relationship with her.

  • Learn her cooking style and assist her in the kitchen –“Cooking is a good unifier. It gives people the opportunity to work together.” And this way, you can come close to both your sasu maa and husband by cooking him some dishes from his childhood.

  • Be open to her advice – Now this is the advice I would like to every daughter in law out there. Make your attitude of being receptive to suggestions and advice from your in-laws. Don’t just ignore their advice in arrogance.

  • Give wings to her dreams – A woman after marriage often gets entangled in responsibilities of her family and keeps working for everyone else’s dreams. Such is the sacrificial nature of a woman. Find out something from her young age that she loved doing and had a dream. It’s never too late. Help her pursue her lost dreams.

  • Compliment her genuinely in public – There will be several things you will learn from your mother-in-law. Do mention them and show her that those small things matter. Gratitude and appreciation are enough to melt every heart.

  • Have honest conversations with her- You need not always talk in flattery. Never hesitate to tell out your opinion or if something bothers you. But remember more than half of the conversation is non-verbal, so take care of your tone and expressions. If done correctly, this will do wonders for your DIL-MIL relationship.

  • Be the promoter of love between the mother and son- Your husband has been raised by a woman and he is really close to her. So try to avoid the situations where your mother in law might feel that your husband is choosing you over her.

  • Accept and respect- Girls always think that they have to have the relationship with your MIL just because of your husband. Don’t assume that marriage is all about the partner, it’s about whole of the family. So try to maintain a first level relationship with your sasu maa. And remember acceptance is the key.

  • RELAX- Lastly relax, you need not impress, just be yourself and maintain a positive and optimistic approach and things will get straight there.

Hope the above tips help you come closer to your in-laws and if they are happy definitely your husband will be impressed too. So, start the mission soon and you will see that how gradually bond with those people become strong and they will become your new family. Do comment your responses and queries.


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