Things you can do to glow on your D-day!

Our lives have become so busy with day to day chores that we have forgotten to take care of our skin. If you are going to be a bride, you need to pay extra attention to your skin. For the natural glow, other than parlour appointments, home care is a must. In order to do so, you can simply follow the tips given below.

  • Diet

For natural and long-lasting glow, diet is one of the biggest factors. Inclusion of few things in your diet can do the job.

  • Watermelon

It consists of 93% water and loads of vitamins. It also has antioxidants, which prevent aging of the skin. Watermelon hydrates the skin and gives a youthful glow. Daily intake of watermelon will repair the damaged skin, replenish it and protects it from further damage.

  • Tomatoes

The idea is to incorporate antioxidants in your body. Lycopene in tomatoes gives skin its taut and youthful structure. Antioxidants repair the damaged skin and give radiance to it.

  • Carrot or carrot juice

Vitamin C and antioxidant in carrot makes the skin look healthy and vibrant. Daily consumption of carrot will give a long-lasting glow to your skin.   Other vegetables such as cucumber, beetroot etc. should also be added to your daily diet. Daily intake of water should not be less than 2-3 litres. I don’t think I need to remind you the benefits of water.

  • Sleep

“poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increases the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis” explains Jessica Krant, dermatologist. You need to take 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Not enough sleep leads to stress, it worsens existing skin condition. Not taking enough sleep also leads to weight gain. So beautiful, go ahead take your beauty sleep.

  • Exfoliate

Regularly exfoliate your skin. It will give you the texture that you need for your skin.

  • Essential supplement

In addition to food, you also need to take essential supplements such as good multi-vitamin, omega-3 capsules. These supplements not only improve our skin but also your hair and eyes as well.

  • Moisturise your skin

Daily use of moisturizer will help you get rid of dry skin. Apply moisturizer especially in a dry area such as elbow, foot, knees and wherever your skin is dry.

  • Facial

Deep cleansing facial once in a month will help you get rid of dead skin, acne and this will prepare your skin for your D-day.

  • Turmeric face packs

There is a reason why we have haldi function in our Indian weddings. Turmeric reduces scars, heal wounds, it contains anti-inflammatory abilities that helps skin to get better. Prepare turmeric face mask at home, use that twice a week for two months before your D-day.  

P.S- you need to start following these things 3-4 months before your wedding day. So get going with these tips to make that special one go WOW on you!!!

Top 10 wedding photographers of Mumbai

Top 10 wedding photographers of Mumbai


When it comes down to implementing unique touches in your wedding, that’s where you can find Aviraj Saluja’s photography. You’ll find everything you need to make your wedding special and memorable. Aviraj Saluja specialises in creative portraiture and wedding shoots and have an eye for moment.
Candid photography – INR 125000
Post- wedding – INR 150000
Pre- wedding – INR 30000


The photo diary’s pictures create personalised touch for your big day by capturing human emotions in colour and monochrome specialising in destination and candid photography.
Candid photography – INR 100000
Post- wedding – INR 80000
Pre- wedding – INR 79996


If you are looking for a team which specialises in artistic wedding photography, cinematography, photobooks and albums, Candid shutters can capture the right moment which is filled with beautiful emotions.
Candid photography – INR 65000
Wedding cinematography – INR 85000


Wedding nama is a team full of passionate bunch of people who consider a whole new level of quality and perfection in the wedding beautifully. They specialises in destination and luxurious wedding photography and cinematography. They always try to set trends in the industry and thus works 24 hours of the day to keep someone’s wedding memorable.
Candid photography – INR 150000
Post- wedding – INR 175000

When it comes down to contemporary photography film, Fotografia 9 is the perfect choice for you to make every detail count in your wedding. They are best in candid photography with highly trained photographers.
Candid photography – INR 45000
Pre- wedding – INR 25000


Every big or small moment is special when it is captured well, with The Wedding Salad team by your side you can make every picture worthy. They excel in traditional and candid photography to build memories for the special day.
Candid photography – INR 100000
Pre- wedding – INR 60000


Reels and frames are one of the top photography company having creative visual and innovation in their pictures. Capturing every moment and emotions beautifully, they excel in candid and portraiture photography.
Candid photography – INR 100000
Post- wedding – INR 80000
Pre- wedding – INR 80000


Seventy by two is a team of storytellers who offers pre- wedding, candid photography and cinematic films. With their passionate team, seventybytwo create magic behind their lenses.
Candid photography – INR 70000
Cinematography – INR 135000


For getting your dream wedding at the right price, there’s no better team like Dream diaries. They capture grand wedding not only in India but abroad.
Candid photography – 130000
Cinematography – 180000


A meaningful ceremony needs to be preserved as lifetime memories. Lights and stories photography shows a different perspective of capturing candid photography and pre- wedding shoots.
Candid photography – INR 80000
Pre- wedding – INR 40000

Now that you have the list, call us up @ 7400 453 626 and get the best quote for these lovely wedding photographers. We also do have some special discounted deals with these photographers which you can check in our packages section.

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Unique Return Gifts for your Guests

You must have read about the invitation card of virushka’s wedding. Do you know what was in that bag? Of course, wedding card but other than that it had a sapling. And that was such a thoughtful gift. A sapling, for the blessing, growing from a tiny little plant into a tree and it was also significant of beautiful future. Do you know what else that sapling was for? It was for their guests to remember their wedding for as long as that sapling lives.  I am sure, you want your wedding to be remembered by your guests as well. After all, we are made from same mud.

Let us help you with return gift ideas for your guests.

  • Bedside lamp

A lamp to light up your guest’s room. As their blessings are going to light up your life.

  • A wooden box

Oh no! Not empty. Fill it with chocolates. They might be having kids at home  .  And a beautifully engraved wedding date on that wooden box will be with them for a long time to remember your beautiful wedding.

  • Personalized chocolate box

A box filled with yummy chocolates. Well, not just normal chocolate, chocolate with bride and grooms initials on every piece of chocolate. And an image from your pre-wedding shoot on the box.

  • A silver coated fruit plate

Eat healthy, think health. Don’t you think a silver plate on the dining table in your guest’s house will remind them of your beautiful wedding, every time they are going to refill it with fruits? I am sure it would.

  • Personalized pen set

A set of a golden pen with your wedding date engraved. Oh! what a classy gift that would be. And every time they are going to take that pen out to sign their papers, they will go back to your beautiful day.

  • China Tea set

Oh! That beautiful China tea set, over which every woman drool. Imagine that giving that as a return gift to your guests. Not only they will remember your wedding, they would love you for that.

  • Painting

A beautiful painting with your wedding date painted on the side of that. That way, It won’t be partial of you. Because it’s for their home, not for anyone in particular.

  • Go green: succulent plant

A small succulent plant for your go green wedding. A colorful succulent plant for your colorful wedding.

  • Silver or golden minakari glasses

Of course, that’s not to be used. But Imagine a glass set of minakari in your kitchen, sitting on that slab like king and queen. I would thank the person who gifted that to me every day of my life.

  • Mirror- handcrafted

You can either buy them online or you can make them at home with the help of your whole family. And this way you will have memorable gifts ready while making memories together.


  • Bowl set

A golden bowl set filled with dry fruits. How Royal does that sound? Don’t you want your guests to think the same for your wedding? So why not give them a reason?

  • Cookie jar

Personalize it with bride and groom’s initials or you can have wedding date on it. As beautiful as it would be, fill it with mouth-watering cookies.


  • Murthi- Ganesha

You invited everyone to bless you for your new life. If you give them lord Ganesha as a return gift, I am sure they will bless you Everytime they pray.


  • Henna candles

Set of 3-4 candles engraved with henna design. “Oh! so beautiful” this is what your guests are going to say as soon as they open their gifts.

But the best of all the return gifts is, Respect. Don’t just distribute the gifts, give them personally. They will remember the respect you gave them for their lifetime. I am sure that’s what you want.


Traditions which are holding India back

Incredible India, that’s right “impossible to believe” India. You can take that in a good way or otherwise. “Incredible” works for both the aspects of India. There are so many demonic beliefs that it’s impossible even for us to follow those traditions. Here is my aspect of “Incredible India”:

Triple talak

This is the weirdest of all Muslim traditions. Do you have any idea how does it work? Let me help you. If husband or wife, any of them says “talaq talaq talaq” that’s right three times, the couple is considered divorced. Come on, are you kidding me? Just by saying this single word three times, the whole marriage ends. May be the person was just angry and he/she didn’t mean that. We all do stupid things when we are angry. But there is no going back from this. Anger or no anger if this word is said three times, this is the end of the so-called eternal bond.


Well this is also from Muslim community but even other communities are not sitting behind, they have also started to follow this. And let me tell you, this is allowed for men only. He has all the right to marry as many times as he wants. And what happens when a woman does that? She is labeled as a woman with no character, to put it harshly…a slut!

Burka / ghunghat

“Cover your face, don’t you have manners” I am sure you have heard that thousands of time. On the other side of the world, girls wear what they are comfortable in. Here in India, girls are supposed to hide their faces, as if it’s a crime to have a girly face.

Pari pona 

Touching feet’s of our elders is fine. I get it, it’s our way of taking their blessings. But touching your better half’s feet, are you serious? He is your BETTER HALF, not superior. And if women are expected to do that then why not men do the same.


A girl’s happy married life in India doesn’t start by getting married. It starts with the dowry, and even that is not guaranteed. Giving their girl to someone else isn’t enough, with that parent have to pay a hefty amount of money and expensive gifts like furniture, car and what not!

Gender discrimination

In every aspect of life, there is gender discrimination in India. From taking birth to taking the last breath, a girl is discriminated in every phase of her life. Most of the girls get murdered even before coming to the world. And the ones who do come into the world, they are considered as birth-giving machine and nothing more than that. And it happens in spite of the fact that girls are considered as the form of goddess.

Child marriage

Incredible India. This can happen only in India. When kids don’t even know the meaning of marriage, those little kids are made to marry. In other countries, kids are learning to write and read. At the same age, kids in India are made to tie the knot. Though it’s an old age tradition but is still practiced in some parts of our Incredible India.

Inter cast/ inter-religion marriage

Loving someone is not easy in India. To love someone and to get married to them you have to “choose” the person from same religion and caste. As they say, love knows no boundaries, well that doesn’t apply to our country. Love must be limited within the community, given that the girl and the boy are considered suitable for each other by match-making through kundli.

White bedsheets on wedding night

This is the worst of all traditions. When nothing else was left, we came up with the “white bedsheets on wedding night” trend. We all know what is that for. To check the virginity of the bride. No matter if the girl had some accident or she was into sports. She has to bleed on the very first night of her wedding. And if she doesn’t, well the groom regrets marrying a whore.

It’s important to have a different culture. But some traditions are holding us back from developing. Such as inequality, polygamy and all the above, there are a lot many such traditions. And we all know as soon as we get rid of these demonic traditions we will not be counted in ‘developing countries’ we will come under ‘developed countries’.

Why you should do a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot, as few call it, is quite on trend these days. Pre-wedding shoots have become as important as varmala ceremony in our Indian weddings.

Call it show off or thing for money bags but every couple wants to be captured in that dreamy photo shoot.  And why shouldn’t they be! 😉   So, here we are going to tell you why pre-wedding shoot is a necessity.

First and foremost, pre-wedding photo shoot lets you connect to your photographer. So, when he comes with a camera on your wedding day, he is not a stranger to you. Instead, he is friendly-face who knows which is the best angle to capture your seraphic beauty.

Engagement shoot also lets you connect with your better half. Engagement shoot lets you live (for a while may be! :D) and capture those fairy tale moments which you had dreamt about when you first saw those Karan Johar’s movies. In those shoots, you get to become king and queen or in some cases Raj and Simran from DDLJ. And as the wedding stress starts to take over you, you will have some fun-filled moments with your would-be spouse.


Pre-wedding shoots give you pictures to hang on your walls. So, when you are all wrinkled you can go and revisit that beautiful phase of your life with your partner over a cup of espresso.

Pre-wedding shoot eliminates the camera nerves. Most of us are camera friendly nowadays. But when it comes to professional photography, we do need the guidance. Pre-wedding shoot covers that up. So, when you are on the stage with your helpmate in a beautiful bridal dress, you rock the photographs like a pro.

And bonus, you have the picture for your SAVE THE DATE card.

Make most of this Valentine’s day!

Did you know the origin of valentine day is dark, bloody and a bit muddled? Yes, that’s right. From 13-15 February the Romans would celebrate the feast of Lupercalia. According to Noel Lenski, in this feast there would be matchmaking lottery, young men drew the name of women from a jar. They would be coupled up for the duration of the festival or longer.

Emperor Claudius II executed two men, both named Valentine on February 14, of different years. They were honored by the Catholic church with the celebration of St.Valentine’s day. Pope Glasius I muddled things by combining St. Valentine’s day with Lupercalia feast to expel the pagan ritual. As the years went on, the day grew sweeter. Shakespeare romanticized it in his work. And now we celebrate is as love day. Let me remind you this day can be celebrated with anyone you love, be it your father, mother or anyone from your family. Now the question arises how to make most of this beautiful day? Let us help you with that.

Celebrate With family

How about celebrating this day with your first love? For this, you don’t even need to put a lot of efforts. A simple lunch or dinner date with mommy and daddy in a restaurant will be enough to show how much you love them. They don’t expect much from us on this day, a rose will also put a smile on their faces for the whole day. You can also get something for mommy. Or you can just take over household work for a day, after all even she needs a day off. Which other day would be better than this?

Celebrate with your better half

make most of the romantic day of the year, valentine’s day!

Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially on valentine’s day? I would die for the person who is going to surprise me with all the decoration in the room, and the whole day planned in advance. I am sure your better half would love that too. Let us help you with the ideas.

  • Decorate the room

Or the whole house if you are the only couple living in the house. Decorate it with heart-shaped balloons. If you don’t want it that cheesy go for the combination of golden and black balloons. Do it in his/her absence. Better when he/she is asleep. Who doesn’t want to wake up in their dream world?

  • Breakfast on bed

Serve his/her favourite breakfast on bed. But before that give him/her that beautiful rose you have been hiding all this while.

  • Basket of gifts

Gifts are the best thing to show your love. Especially when the gifts have been thoughtfully selected. Don’t just give anything you feel like. Give what they need the most, or maybe something they really wanted to buy for themselves. or may be something kinky 😉

  • Go ice skating

Movies and malls are too mainstream. Choose something different. For example ice skating. Personally, I feel this is an adventurous, fun-filled and most romantic sport. Laughing and helping each other when other person falls, oh! So romantic.

  • DIY gifts, together

Play a game of DIY gifts. All you have to do is make gifts for each other in a limited time period. Whoever does first will win. And other person will have to cook dinner 😉

  • Be tourist in your own town


This is Fun! Really!!! Explore your own town together. Be a tourist couple. Take as many pictures as you can. Eat on streets. Rent a cycle and be a stranger to your own town. Just enjoy with your other half.

  • Fuggedaboutit

Let me make it easy, “forget about it”. Keep your daily routine, no one is going to judge you. I know many couples who avoid all valentine’s day hoopla. As they say, if you have love any day can be valentine’s day.

Pamper Yourself

Well, let’s say this one is for single people. And also for people staying away from home. Come on, this day is for everyone. You also have all the right to celebrate it. Take a day off, go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dish. Go shopping, buy that dress on which you have been drooling over since ages. And at night, go clubbing with your other single friends. Because we know all the committed friends would be busy with their loved ones.

Make your long distance lover feel loved

Oh! How much you want to cross all the oceans to be with the one person you love. Being in the present situation, that’s not possible. But nothing is stopping your love to reach him/her. The Internet has made everything just clicks away. Order his/her favorite cake, with few other romantic gifts e.g. the dress she wanted to buy for a long time or gym kit he has been delaying to buy. Make sure you have same cake with you, celebrate your love through a screen, together.

Propose him/her again!

Go on your knees, take that velvet box out, and pop the most awaited question. Will you marry me? Oh, wait! What did you think I’ll ask you to propose him/her to be your girlfriend/ boyfriend. Isn’t he/she already? Have the courage to do what you have been waiting to do. That’s exactly what you really wanted since starting.

Cook for her

This I think will be the best surprise you can give her. If you are living in a relationship or married you almost forget, she needs to be reminded that you love her. Valentine’s day is especially for people who keep forgetting this. And what else is better than cooking for her? “pati k pyar ka rasta pet se hokr guzarta hai” this has turned out to be true and vice- versa also.


Let me remind you, you don’t have to keep this list for valentine’s day. You don’t need a specific day to show your love. Show your love to your loved ones whenever you feel like.

How to spice up your wedding night?

Wedding night 😍 the sound of it only invokes me with excitement and blush, I am sure it does the same for you too. Come on, we all have dreamt about it, not only while sleeping but also wide awake. Would be groom and would be bride wants their wedding night to be as perfect as possible. This is the night which they will remember for the rest of their lives. While the bride wants it look like totally out of Yash Raj’s films, the groom’s dreams are the mixture of Katrina kaif and Sunny Leone. You will agree with me if I say “wedding night is the magical night”. You are religiously, legally and respectably allowed to be together in the same room and no one can object to that, so of course, it’s your right to make it more special and memorable. We have some ideas which will make your wedding night more memorable.

1-    Music

First thing first, How can this night be complete without music. Play some soft music in background. Then think of something else.

2-    Decorate the room

The wedding venue was decorated so why not your room too. Start your beautiful life in a Beautiful room.

3-    Don’t keep fantasizing it.

If you keep fantasizing and reality doesn’t turn out to be as you expected it to be, it will leave a mark on your memories. So keep your fantasies real.

4-    Open gifts together   

Well to Break the ice you can open the gifts which your guests gave you. This way you will start to feel comfortable around each other. And you will have so much to talk about the gifts. Just a way to be comfortable with each other.

5-    Champagne!

This one is for ‘not so typical bride’. Share a cigarette or a glass of champagne. People start to talk on a glass of champagne. But for this, you need to know other person is comfortable with this or not. But this doesn’t mean you have to get drunk, just a glass will be fine.

6-   A Surprise Gift!

Give each other gifts. Something special. Just a reminder of this beautiful night. This will surely get your spouse going. According to a research, surprises play immense role in a marriage. Be creative, gift him/her something that was never expected.

7-    Do not remove your wedding dress yourself

Let him do that for you 😉. After all, it was him that you had put so many efforts for.

8-    Don’t jump for sex

It’s your first night, break the ice first. For that, you can talk to each other or simply complement each other. Jumping straight to action doesn’t leave anything to remember. You have rest of your life to do that. But this night is special. Some people don’t even prefer physical intimacy at first night and it’s normal.

9-    Cuddle 

As mentioned already, don’t jump to action. Take the cuddle route.

10-    Start from basic

How to spice up your wedding night?


You don’t want to create mess or make a fool out of yourself. This is your first night, so start with basic. Don’t just assume that she is a pro in first night. Know your way with each other. Ask if she is comfortable with what you are doing. Don’t make it only “your” night. It’s both of yours.


How to make your spouse comfortable after your hectic wedding?

Its finally done. The wedding for which you and your partner had been planning for months, possibly even a year. And it turned out as you wanted it to be. But the process of planning and making it possible, was so damn hectic. It was so hectic that you wanted to elope with your partner, Leaving all the chaos behind. Maybe you had your friends and family to help you with everything. But come on, it was your big day. And we cannot even imagine what might have been2 going on In your mind. Let me tell you, it wasn’t only you who was going through all that. You partner, yes he/she was going through the same. Here are some tips to comfort your partner after your hectic wedding.

Of course honeymoon

The first thing you need after your hectic wedding is a getaway. You wanted to elope to get away from all the chaos. Honeymoon is the perfect excuse. Don’t delay going for your honeymoon. All the other work can wait. But this is what your partner and you need the most.


If you were not able to go for your honeymoon right away. Giving massage is the best idea to make your partner relax. Open your personal spa, just for each other. For that, you can take internet’s help.

Put an end to each other’s past

Discus your past, and put an end to it. You both had your share of past its better to tell each other before you get to know it from other sources. This will build trust with each other and you will be more comfortable with your partner.

Give Yourself some Family Time

Don’t expect your better half to get involved with your family like he/she was born for that. Give him/her time to get comfortable with you first.

Be there for her

Yeah, you have a lot of work piled up. But be there for her. She left her family to live with you. So give her as much time as possible. Don’t leave her alone at home.

Promise each other

Promise and keep that promise to be there for each other.

Help each other with household

Don’t leave the responsibility on one person. In starting it is difficult to settle in a new home. Therefore, help your partner settling. Don’t just expect they will do it themselves. You had a hectic wedding. Now it’s time to make things easy for each other.

Be there for each other. Your presence is the only comforting thing to take away all the tension. Give your spouse what she wants and then see the magic!

5 Decor ideas to make your Wedding Unique!

5 decoration ideas to make your wedding unique

There are gazillion ways to translate what you envision into a beautiful wedding of your dreams. Every bride and groom want in on the latest wedding decoration to outshine the others whether it is about cascading ceiling decor, aisle decor, table decor for a perfect big day.  For a couple, who is planning a wedding, it’s hard to know where to spend the right amount without compromising the quality. It is nerve- wracking when it comes to thinking about the kind of decoration you want for outdoors and indoors. It’s also about staying in tradition with personalized touch and giving your guest’s comfort and spellbinding experience to satiate the soul.

Regardless of what your budget may be, you can use below decor ideas to make your wedding unique:


If you and your partner love nature more than anything then transparent tent decor is the right choice to splurge all your savings on your big day.

There’s an intimacy with the natural world and also it is a saviour in bad weather. For a bride and groom who are looking to get hitched under the beautiful sky roof, trust me, go transparent because it is trending.


Nothing transforms a venue magical like the right lighting. Lighting is a very important element used in weddings for both the budget as well as decor.

It helps in getting every detail and helps in capturing every moment. Everyone adore the subtle elegance candlelights brings to tables, light canopy on the walkways, pin spot, colour wash, gobos, string lights and twinkle lights over the top.


Photography is one of the most fun parts of wedding which are cherished by everyone no matter what age group they belong to.

Photo Backdrops are one of them where people love to get captured and have crazy memorable pictures with the loved ones.

Mostly photo backdrops have captioned frames, quirky props, filmy dialogues and quotations.


Are you looking for cheap yet beautiful decor for your budget wedding? Say yes to paper, because it is easily available at the cheaper rate in the market.

Many wedding planners advise using paper as it brings everyone’s attention and adds spark in the wedding. No doubt, flowers are used in every wedding, whether as centrepieces or hangings but using paper these days to make paper lanterns, pin wheels, paper fans is trending.


Whether it is an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding, you’ll see colourful, vibrant draping everywhere. Draping can save a fair amount of money and can transform huge spaces beautifully.

Draping creates a mesmerising atmosphere and the use of it can vary from intimate and romantic to fairy and magical.


Indian Weddings have a very old and deep relation with colours and creativity. Make use of every corner you have to bring in that style and oomph in your wedding, just don’t over-do it. Take care of the overall colour palette and aesthetics, thats it!

Now show us that this article really helped you in anyway by writing a review or sharing it with your loved ones. We hope it made a difference !!!

Top 10 skin care tips for Groom

Top 10 skin care tips for Groom

Wedding is an important ritual and tradition in Hindu mythology. It is an event which is celebrated with pomp and show. The limelight of this tradition is the Bride and Bridegroom. Therefore, they both have to look their best.

So, there are 10 skin care tips for groom to be followed in order to have a healthy skin on the day of wedding.


1. Drink a lot of water

The first step to keep the skin healthy is to drink a lot of water. Dehydration is the enemy of a healthy skin. The more you keep your body hydrated, the more radiant the skin becomes. Water removes toxic compounds from the body thereby, cleansing it. Moreover, water aids in digestion, circulation and excretion thus supporting a healthy lifestyle. It is an alternative for the anti-ageing components. As the water evaporates from the surface of the skin, it becomes cooler and thereby eliminating the extra oil and redness (if any).


2. Identify your skin type.

Apart from drinking water, you should identify your skin type. There are various types of skin. You should determine the skin type. Is it too oily? Is it prone to acne? Is it rough and dry? Is it normal? Is it a combination of both? By observing the behaviour of your skin when you wake up and sleep, you can easily answer this question. Once you have determined your skin type, then, you can work on your skin according to that because every skin type requires a different set of skin care techniques.


3. Exercise frequently, sweat more

Skin is made up of delicate skin tissues. Running, exercising and sweating more will help the skin to rebuild and thus, it will remove dead cells from the skin making it more radiant and glowing. Exercise helps in proper breathing and the supply of adequate oxygen to every part of the body including skin.


4. Daily Cleansing

Cleansing of skin is as important as any other thing. Opt for an ayurvedic, an allopathic or a homemade cleanser and use it two times a day and just after sweating a lot. Warm water with rose water is the best homemade cleanser. Moreover, there are many cleansing products available at the cosmetic shop. Buy them after identifying your skin type. Cleansing will help in removing dead cells from the skin and the formation of rejuvenated radiant skin cells.


5. Have a Proper Sleep

Sleeping actually determines the health of your skin. You may have noticed excess oil on the surface of your skin when you wake up after sleep. This indicates you have an oily skin and an oily skin is prone to acne. Moreover, sleep helps to repair the dead skin cells and a proper sleep will aid you to prevent the dark circles and dark spots too. 8 hour proper sleep will add to the radiance of the skin.


6. Adopt healthy eating habits.

You may have heard of the saying “Eat healthy, stay healthy”. The lifestyle of a person is dependent on the diet she/he intakes to about 70%. If your diet contains more amount of unsaturated fats i.e. your diet contains a lot of junk food, the health of your body will deteriorate. Skin usually shows the result of a bad diet in the form of redness or pimples. A balanced diet consisting of adequate amounts of nutrients helps the skin to look more glowing and thus improves the health of the skin. A balanced diet can be listed by a physician based on the skin type of a person.


7. Protect your skin from any external damage

Making your skin healthy internally is helpful but side by side, you have to take care of the things which make your skin look dull. Whenever you step out in the sun, use sunscreen lotions ( SPF depending on the extent of sunlight) and cover your face with a mask or scarf ,else it will add up dead cells and cause tanning. Moreover, always cover your face and exposed body parts when you step out in a polluted environment as the dust and dirt all around can stick to the skin and thus making the skin dead.


8. Scrub off the impurities once a week.

Chose a weekly scrub depending on your skin type or make one at your home using lemon juice, honey, aloe era etc. and  apply it for 5-10 minutes once a week. This will help you to remove the impurities, dead skin cells and the black heads(caused by pollution) and thus will make your skin more clean and healthy.


9. Chose your skin care products very carefully.

It is always advised to concern a skin specialist when it comes to choosing a cosmetic product for the skin. Shaving is also a concerned talk when it comes to taking care of the skin. Clean, healthy razors are must so that skin doesn’t get infected. You should know the things you are allergic of and if any of the products contains these things, avoid the products. Skin type influences the choice of skin products. Obviously, you cannot apply a skin care product meant for dry skin to an oily skin. It will add to more oil in the skin thus causing acne or pimples. So, the choice of the skincare products should be made carefully and after properly examining the skin type.


10. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Skincare is not a burden or a work to be done. It is a lifestyle. The way you live,eat,walk and present yourself determines the health of your skin. Smoking and intake of alcohol add to the dryness of the skin. A healthy lifestyle i.e. good eating habits, good posture, a set routine of everything etc always pays you off in a healthy way. A healthy lifestyle is thus the key factor in maintaining a healthy skin. After all, the efforts are made for oneself to look their best on the day of wedding.


So to sum it up, make use of these healthy tips to make yourself charm in her eyes on the D Day & yes the biggest help that you will do to yourself is you will surely get rid of that monotonous dialogue – “You never care about your skin!”