Bridal Hairstyles

Women love their hair. Even a cheap haircut gone slightly wrong results in numerous sleepless nights and several failed attempts at diverting attention from the remotely possible hair-raising catastrophe.

This attitude just amplifies as a bride is preparing for her wedding. They want to look their best on the D-day, whilst guarding their unique sense of style. Here are some hairstyles contemporary Brides can experiment with.

Let your hair down

This look is perfect if you want emphasis on your hair. Getting it professionally styled will be a better idea as letting you hair down doesn’t just mean leaving them open as it is. It is easy to appear callous and messy, your tresses could cover up your entire face. Professionals curl and/or highlight your hair to create a neat and elegant look.

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Bun of a Kind

This is the most common style most brides these days opt for. It neatly pushes all your hair back. It emphasises your face and jewellery. You don’t have to worry about appearing shabby. The bun also acts as a support for the ghoongat to stay in place.

Presently, there are several kinds of buns, each as chic and classy as any other. Some of them are Rose Bun, Braided Bun amongst many others.

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The traditional Plait 

Generally opted for by South Indian brides, this is similar to the bun in many ways. It ties your hair together such that the attention is on your visage and ornaments. This is also convenient if one’s hair is too long to be tied into a bun.

Don’t have long hair but still want a plait? No Problem! For there are hair extensions that can be added to your hair and blend in perfectly, creating the perfect traditional look. These plaits are often adorned with jewellery to make the bride’s overall look grander.

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These are similar to plaits and have become very popular in the recent times. While to make a plait the approach is more algorithmic, braids allow for numerous tyles and a lot of creativity when it comes to hairdressing.

Braids allow your hair to be let loose whilst not covering your face. Braids like plaits can also be ornamented with beads and stones, made into buns, hairbands and what not.

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Weight Loss Tips For Brides

Being a bride, as silly as it sounds, is not an easy job. It is the brides who face the pressure of looking good more than the groom. It is on her attire that more money and time is spent. The stunning actresses of our country have set super high standards of what looking good means. This is why all brides feel the need to lose weight for their big day. Whatever your weight loss goal, try starting at least 3 months in advance and have patience and discipline.

Losing weight is a challenge on normal days but even more so when you’re approaching your wedding. You don’t have any set time every day that you can fix for an intense workout. Thus, your weight loss plan should form a part of your routine.

Here are some tips you can try:

Early to rise gives time for exercise

If you feel a lot of work needs to be done, religiously follow a strict exercise regime. While you don’t have as much control over the when your day will end, waking up early to have at least 45 minutes of some strenuous exercise yields great results.

This may seem hard to keep up with initially but once it becomes a habit you get uneasy when you miss your workout for a day. At least in the initial days, make sure you don’t skip exercising. Also, make sure you don’t skip Mondays as it makes you less guilty of skipping your workout for the rest of the week.


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective routes to weight loss. It is pretty much effortless and can easily form a part of your daily activities. You may not see the results immediately but gradually your body loses fat from many areas.

As you approach the wedding day. Make sure to have a brisk walk of at least an hour each day. If any location is a kilometre or two away and you have the time to spare walk to it instead of being chauffeured in.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Many of us aren’t really morning people and have our main meal at other times of our day, but this may not work in your favour if you’re looking to lose weight. Eat as much (healthy) food you like for breakfast. This will make you feel full and energetic throughout the day and you are lesser likely to binge on the first thing you lay eyes on later.

Counting Carbs

This is the most challenging tip, especially for the foodies out there but is super effective when it comes to reducing belly fat. Avoid junk food. Make sure you have a big dabba of simple salads made exclusively of raw vegetables at hand. Keep munching on this so that you feel full when the actual heavy meal comes in.

It may be too hard on your taste buds but will seem like a small sacrifice in the long run. It goes without saying that fatty snack and sweets are a strict no-no.



Live Healthy

This is something many of us ignore. An unhealthy lifestyle reaches its pit when we’re in moments of high pressure. Thus as you approach your wedding day make sure you drink enough water and get sufficient sleep. Both these tips contribute to weight loss indirectly. Even if your weight loss is not evident, such lifestyle changes make you look happier and healthier for your Big Day.


This doesn’t just help with weight loss but also keeps you calm and patient throughout your hectic pre-wedding journey. This may not be very appropriate for people who’ve never tried yoga before and it does involve setting aside a part of your day but the results are commendable. Brides who practice Yoga appear happier and healthier. Yoga, in general, is a healthy lifestyle choice.


Do follow these steps and see yourself transforming into that beautiful bride you want to be !


Give Her The Perfect Engagement Ring

Having a man get down on one knee and propose sweeps many women off their feet, however unromantic and practical they claim to be. It is something every woman dreams of. Many women even have a fixed idea as to where, when, how the whole proposal is to take place. The one thing that could make this moment even more precious for her is the ideal ring.

Here are some tips that come in handy while picking out the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

Find Out Her Ring Size

It pays to listen, especially at times like these, when you want to get your special someone a highly customised gift. Nevertheless, there are furtive ways you can figure out her ring size in case you don’t already know it. Ask if you can borrow a ring for a friend or just flick some ring (preferably not of a precious metal) that she doesn’t wear regularly. Get it checked for its size and return it.

You can also try having her family and close friends in on this so that they can help you in your quest.

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Think About Her Preferences

Good listening skills come to the rescue once again. Women are often very vocal about their preferences regarding Every. Single. Thing. If you’ve been with her for a reasonably long period of time, she’d have talked about her preferences in jewellery. More specifically what colour she prefers yellow, white, or pinkish. Whether she likes gold or platinum, and what stones she’d like.

The top three things to know whilst going ring shopping is – colour, metal and size. The rest you can improvise.

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Choose something that goes with her Personality

Your significant other may be adventurous, introverted, outdoorsy or a workaholic. Whatever her personality type, get her an engagement ring that will be suitable for daily wear depending on her lifestyle.

If she’s simple and practical, get her something low maintenance and not too flashy, if she’s extroverted get her something she can show-off to her friends. You can even take this one step further and customise it by incorporating a design or a symbol from her favourite book/movie.

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When in Doubt go with a temporary engagement ring

There are chances you are absolutely clueless regarding her preferences and have no way to find out, fear not! You can get her a temporary engagement ring. These generally are plastic rings with an inexpensive diamond in the centre. While it isn’t tailormade to her preferences and requirements, it does the most basic thing an engagement ring is supposed to do – say “I want to marry you”

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Practical concerns

Fix a ring budget in advance and keep the receipt of the purchase with you until a sufficient time since the proposal has passed. Generally, you can exchange it for another one without any difficulty in case she wants to get something better for herself.

Also, if you have a reasonably good idea of all her tastes and specifications, it would be better to have the ring custom-made to her preferences.

Happy Ring Shopping!

Day vs night wedding!

One of my friends is getting married. The couple has such an amazing understanding that I am in awe of them. So far they have decided everything with mutual understanding. The only thing they can’t be on the same page is the timing of the wedding. She wants a day wedding and her fiancée wants night wedding. They both had their pros and cons of their choices. It stuck me, sooo many of you might also be arguing about the same thing. Here we are going to list the pros and cons of both day wedding as well as night wedding.

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Unique Return Gifts for your Guests

You must have read about the invitation card of virushka’s wedding. Do you know what was in that bag? Of course, wedding card but other than that it had a sapling. And that was such a thoughtful gift. A sapling, for the blessing, growing from a tiny little plant into a tree and it was also significant of beautiful future. Do you know what else that sapling was for? It was for their guests to remember their wedding for as long as that sapling lives.  I am sure, you want your wedding to be remembered by your guests as well. After all, we are made from same mud.

Let us help you with return gift ideas for your guests.

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Why you should do a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot, as few call it, is quite on trend these days. Pre-wedding shoots have become as important as varmala ceremony in our Indian weddings.

Call it show off or thing for money bags but every couple wants to be captured in that dreamy photo shoot.  And why shouldn’t they be! 😉   So, here we are going to tell you why pre-wedding shoot is a necessity.

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